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I really hope I am not annoying people already following me with posting so much, but I read somewhere at some point, probably years ago that if you were trying to grow your blog, you had to post a lot at first. I don’t even know if that’s true, I’m just following that thought in my head. In addition to the nugget that I was supposed to post a shit ton of content, I was also supposed to have regular things that I do. regularly. And the one thing I’ve always wanted to do regularly was talk about music, what I’m listening to, and whatnot.

Given it’s kind of my first time doing it regularly, but not my first time doing it… This sounds weird. So, I love to write about music, give shout outs to whomever I’m listening, and write my kind of versions of reviews. I’m just a fangirl, I don’t have any technical whatever or affiliation with anyone of note. I just fucking love music, and I have a really massive, eclectic taste, etc. Onward!

The # 1 song I keep replaying, just THE song this week is: Gravity, A Perfect Circle

I think it’s the chorus and repetition, “I am surrendering…to gravity and the unknown…” Maynard’s voice soothes me, because I am generally genuinely terrified about growing this blog, doing shit on tiktok, whatever, yet I just gotta. I have no clue about anything, I am just surrendering to the unknown. Like, if I had any major aspirations it’s like – Jeff Goldblum looks at my blog, laughs his ass off and doesn’t sue me, and literally any artist I mention in any post I ever make reads any of the shit I write and receives the heartfelt appreciation I have for how they help. And that’s really how this song makes me feel. In a time when I feel as vulnerable as I’ve ever felt, there’s this gentle soothing, yet crescendoing music that infuses me with feeling like I’m being lulled and motivated at the same time, which is everything I need.

The band I want to maybe help get more people to know is called The Witches of Mars.

I am playing the newest album – The Ones The World Forgot – in my background music as I’m typing. It just came out on May 5, so I’m pretty fucking current for once. Holy shit!

And here’s links for The Ones The World Forgot by The Witches of Mars below:

Apple Music


I stumbled on them months ago thanks to TikTok, and here’s that link – the lead singer, forgive me, I have no idea what his name is actually, I just think of him as Witches of Mars dude when he pops on my FYP. Anyway, he is both talented and funny, so I dig all the content. I really love stumbling on bands on TikTok b/c it’s generally easier to say “hey man I dig your music” to them versus like, Maynard above. I must have stumbled on them b/c I’m a Coheed and Cambria nut, and so is he. I also low-key want to get the same lip rings, I’ve been getting bored with my opal studs, and that is completely irrelevant, sorry.

One of the easiest ways to find great music is to poke around people that listen to the same shit you do and see what they like. So, if you like Coheed, I definitely think you would like The Witches of Mars. But I don’t feel like it’s fair to oversimplify like that, they have their own great fucking sound, and though I barely have an audience, I would like to add to the efforts of getting Claudio’s attention and signing them on Evil Ink (and also saying hi to me.. dude… Claudio.. my god. Talk about thank you’s owed).

I really love Human, My Fallen Star, I hope you Know it was me, and Drag You to Hell but I hate picking favorites and everybody has their own preferences. I donno, like I said I don’t really know what I’m doing here beyond babbling about music. I genuinely love the whole album, and I am glad I randomly restarted my Tiktok like 3 days ago and found out they had a new album out. See that!

I think what I love is that as I’m typing and listening, I just have that soft smile on my face. There’s so much emotion in the vocals and the music bounces around in different styles and I find myself needing to stop and listen more. Just straight up, fucking great music. I always tend to talk about vocals more than music, I think bc I always pay attention to lyrics too much. But the music actually forces me to pay attention to the music more. Coheed does that to me too, so another interesting cool similarity. I find I gotta listen to shit over and over to just get the whole thing, and there’s a lot of layers here too. Definitely will re-listen a whole bunch. And so there is a thank you from me for helping me write, smile, and even focus which is not an easy task for me. You guys are fucking awesome, please keep going!

Honorable Mentions:

Gasoline by Halsey – just fucking… one of those songs I never feel alone because of. I was hooked with “Are you insane like me?” and ironically was listening to it as I dumped cheap shitty champagne down the drain…

Bedlamite, Puscifer

This song has actually been THE #1 song for months now, only recently usurped by Gravity this week, and yes I am such the Maynard fucking fangirl. But this song. This fucking song. Kurt Vonnegut said, “Music, to me, is proof of the existence of God”, and I think of that quote or just simply God, or an angel, whatever imagery when I hear Carina and Maynard sing together “it’s gonna be alright”. Like I was saying about Gravity, that soothing, comforting. But to be honest, this one is so much better because when you add Carina, I weep. I’m telling you this song literally just makes me weep and thank god that I am alive even though everything just feels so fucking wrong, and “its gonna be alright” It’s one of those songs that make me genuinely appreciative that I get to be alive when music like this exists. And I was in a really dark place, and this song has been that warm blanket on my soul since my psychosis started. It really is just one of those songs that helped me save my life. How do you thank somebody for that you know? Like I don’t know about religion, but if I had one it is music and all of these folks are my gods. I don’t think it’s blasphemous or even outrageous. Christ, some of these folks have bigger follower counts/fanbases than a variety of religions combined.

I actually was wondering and pondering that kind of stuff here, if you wanna pop around my blog some more: Would Jesus even be Monetized nowadays?

That’s literally all I’d ever care about – if this blog or whatever goes anywhere, my sole motivation is that there’s any, no matter how infinitesimal – chance I could look any of these people I write about in the eye and say thank you. Not like worship anybody, i don’t mean it that way with god. Just like…

I cannot be truly be me if not for you truly being you. Thank you, my life is better for you. I cannot be me, if not for your music.

So, that’s why I figured I’d start this segment, every Tuesday. I’m excited!! Thanks for stopping by, I hope maybe I pointed you or reminded you of some amazing music and PLEASE do not hesitate to talk or send me music. I’d love to hear who you love to hear or talk about who we love to hear. Hit me up wherever!

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