To Whom Am I Listening?

Note – I am not affiliated with shit, I am simply a fangirl of the highest order lmfao

I am pushing listening to 30 albums in less than a week. I thought for my sake and yours, I’d collate the bands to whom I am listening, so maybe you can find something new, interesting, exciting, and awesome, too. I am eclectic, don’t pay attention to genres/don’t even know most of the genres. I have exquisite taste in music, and I listen to everything, anything, and everyone I like. I don’t recommend/talk about/etc. a band unless they are one of my latest fangirl obsessions, and I genuinely believe others need to hear them and love them too. One of my favorite things in the world is stumbling on bands. I love all the big guys, but it’s so much fun stumbling on bands that you’ve never remotely heard of and falling in love.

This week, I have Cris Hodges, Elijah Daniels, Plagues, Source, and I Prevail

Cris Hodges

I met Cris at an In The End show in Reno a few months ago. I can’t recommend In The End enough in their own right – literally, hands down one of the best, most fun, happiest nights of my life. The energy at the show was pure, unadulterated love of Linkin Park, their music, and their message. It was…a whole freaking vibe of a crowd going fucking nuts and having fun. If they’re coming to your area, and you like Linkin Park, dude, go, enjoy, and fall back in love with all the good times.

In addition to In The End: After the show, I talked to everybody in the band, they’re all so freaking nice and cool. They give great after-show hugs. So, when I got home, I checked out Cris’ solo music, and holy shit it is so so so so good. It’s such an incredible mash-up of so many amazing styles and sounds. My brain is so, so happy listening. I checked out everything right after the show, added it to all my playlists, etm. I saw he had a new track out, and I had to listen to everything again. His music is incredible, please check him out. He is so fucking talented. His newest song – Tear it Down is sick. insane. amazing, wonderful. all the words.

Tear it Down (Apple Music):


Apple Music:


YT: (this is a link to another song I really love – Placebo)

Elijah Daniels

I stumbled on Elijah on my FYP page, messaged him, got all his links, and listened to everything. His lyrics are so powerful and gorgeous, his voice is incredible, and he has so much range. His music has so many qualities, directions, elements. I needed every syllable of his music, I cried several times, had to stop and repeat several songs. Just an incredible journey, total renaissance man. Huge fangirl right now.





My current faves are Purgatory & Rapture. Hell is their newest single. I’ve been listening to them constantly, plus meditating to them. Every song has been so soothing, peaceful, and healing for me. (Note, I’m a metalhead and this is not Enya) There are lives on TikTok where Osorio performs their songs. Really, madly, deeply love them. I stumbled on them thanks to TikTok lives, listened to everything, stalked them everywhere lol.

Apple Music:







I stumbled on them on Instagram. I had intended to listen and clean my house, but after maybe a minute in the first song of Ethereal Self (called Ethereal Self), I sat down and didn’t move basically until I listened to their entire discography. They are fucking incredible. Holy shit. “Psychedelic Metal” caught my eye, and friggin…every second of all three albums caught my being. Cannot recommend enough. They’re doing a Midwest/East Coast tour (funnily enough stopping at one of my dearest friend’s studios – small world). I’m not kidding, they froze/paralyzed/dropped my ass. Needed it too, really. I felt like I was floating.

Apple Music:



I Prevail

I stumbled on them with my “listen now” on Apple Music or whatever it’s called. It was the cover of Blank Space by Taylor Swift. I stopped what I was doing and listened to their entire discography, which is nothing short of fucking amazing. Ironically, I became a fangirl the night before their newest album dropped, and I had the experience of listening to a brand new album the night before it was released thanks to living on the West Coast lol. It’s so, so, so fucking good. I’m going through so much shit right now, and every damn syllable made me feel better. There are videos for the new album and obviously earlier singles too. Self Destruction, My Heart I Surrender, Stuck in Your Head, Chaos, and a bunch of other ones really, really hit me. aaaaaaaaaand, they’re coming to Reno on Halloween, so I will be at my very first show soon!!!


They are on Spotify & Apple Music, Twitter, TT, Insta, FB, etm. (this is not a typo, etm. stands for and shit)

Honorable mentions, aka, who I’m always/frequently listening to:

  • Hurt
  • Puscifer
  • Coheed & Cambria
  • Metallica
  • TOOL
  • Jerry Cantrell
  • Stone Sour
  • Slipknot
  • A Perfect Circle

I’m constantly on FB/Twitter babbling about who I am listening to, so feel free to give me a follow there, too. I accidentally got addicted to TikTok, so I post videos on there too. I post different content/x-post across all my different socials. MahButtItches everywhere, except TikTok is Mah_Butt_Itches

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