Tipping Waitresses, Trying Veals

Maybe a foot apart, us Yet it feels like Antarctica was On either side that once said love If Antarctica was spelled good or fine, just Monosyllabic goose eggs Cause everything I bring up nags Can’t find the words, my tongue is blind Bitten and chewed off so many times I try to find the... Continue Reading →

Policy of Truth?

Inspired by This crap Nightstand’s full of bottles “I’d never drink again” The phone with texts and photos “I’d never send to him” My brain’s got all these thoughts and “We agreed to stop thinkin’ ‘em” Around these fucking cycles Why can’t it break and end? The more it happens I fought it “It must... Continue Reading →

EVOOh no!

I rarely do this, but I don't want to be an asshole while I'm trying not to be - trigger warning: SA. This piece started in '97 when I was 14. Took me til 40 to really finish and love part one. Thank you for reading and sharing in healing. Here is my live reading... Continue Reading →

…? ;_;

…? ;_; Life is a series of periods - ellipses and endings Feel so caught in a state where I perpetually wait hoping what once was a declarative becomes inquisitive an affirmative negation blossoms to supplication where once was the end, a comma ammeds A semi colon addendum, a sentient heart uniting this sentence of... Continue Reading →


The wayward spirit inside With tempting apple nibbled like the neck of a lover Whose kiss is so forbidden Naked knowledge splayed Behind the fig leaf hidden The woman made me do it A blameful, shameful salad tossed The temptress reincarnate As a virgin pure Birthing our salvation While being called a whore We all... Continue Reading →


I wish I could delete you Like a file in my heart drive Stop mourning a future That was never implied I wish I had an icon On my forehead’s third eye Button press, trashcan, erase you Like tears never before again cried I wish memories and mindsets  had no recycle bin Where done just... Continue Reading →

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