Shit Happens

…Then, I became a chugging engine that thought she couldn’t with a somewhat breath related quit yer bitchin, the dude ahead of you is soaking wet and could’ve died and he’s moving with 10 lbs of water in each boot 🤣 not very mantra-esque, but it got me hauling ass without stopping. Though admittedly, I was legit crying at one point, I fell, I tweaked the glass ankle, and I thought I was gonna be on Facebook as a successful search and rescue. I just didn’t wanna be that guy ya know? This helpfully shortened my mantra to “don’t be the search and rescue guy” as I breathed, waddled, hobbled, cried, and got back and was in fact, not that guy. 🎉

Daily Prompt – 1953

What jobs have you had? Man this is another small talk-y one. Who gives a shit? Used to be in sales, used to be a admin, used to be admin asst, marketing associate, customer service rep, bank teller, cashier/customer service rep, and my first job was whatever the hell I was at Kids R... Continue Reading →

To Whom am I Listening Tosday #2

Editors’ note: for some reason, I haven’t been on the right day or date for weeks. Tomorrow is June, I think, but I keep thinking it is the beginning of May. I literally just realized today is Wednesday and I missed it yesterday because yesterday was Tuesday. We appreciate your understanding, as we sure as... Continue Reading →

DDD(potbwd): Can you actually pick yourself up by your bootstraps?

Does that concept of physically picking yourself up by the straps of your boots or, say the laces of your shoes make any sense whatsoever to you when you think about it? I have heard this saying so many times and one day I couldn’t stop thinking about how stupid it is, it makes zero sense and it’s literally like some kind of American work ethos or whatever the fuck. It’s like our … go get ‘em tiger is to expect people to literally do impossible things by themselves. MahButtItches, WordPress writing prompt, daily prompt, questioning thoughts, recovery, mental health

Daily Prompt – 1950

What are you good at? Procrastinating, fucking up my life, panic attacks, and being really really fucking funny. My favorite line is “…I shouldn’t be laughing at this” or “omg that’s so fucked up how do you think like this” etm. I’m also good at writing, but today, I need to focus on a lot... Continue Reading →

Blogress #1 – Here’s mine, Wanna try one for you?

I had this idea pop in my head and I've been so excited to do it. The thought was to blog about progress, hence my amazingly clever title. I'm working through so much personally, and while journaling is the thing, I wanted to put on my old, more professional hat and do something like this. I'm sure my formatting and all will tweak as I do it (every Sunday's the plan), but I thought maybe kind of... writing out, organizing, detailing, etc. some of my processes could help me and perhaps give you ideas. Which then gave me another idea to have this as another potential writing challenge, so if this interests you, follow my format, or make your own, ping me back, so I can learn from you too.

Daily Prompt -1949

What does "having it all" mean to you? Is it attainable? No, I don’t think those words mean anything and as such, of course it is not attainable. “Having it all” is subjective and the definition would be specific to every single person and yet, regardless of responses: would never be accurate. Do you want... Continue Reading →

Domo Arigato, Mr Robot-o

Good morning. Today is Friday, and I’m here freshly caffeinated but needing more, in velour leopard print pants and a not matching fleece leopard print shawl. I’m sniffling and sniveling because I just finished Mr. Robot and I am fucked up, man. No spoilers, I couldn’t explain that fucking show if I tried, you just... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt – 1947

We belong to each other. It is easy to ignore others when you don’t see it that way - their problem, I don’t live there, they don’t agree with me, etc. Everything is creating and supporting separation and othering, and look how bad it’s getting. Look how high mental illness, addictions, overdoses, and suicides are. All snuffed candles. Killed by separation, killed by not knowing their light, perfection, beauty, uniqueness, authenticity.

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