Shit Happens

…Then, I became a chugging engine that thought she couldn’t with a somewhat breath related quit yer bitchin, the dude ahead of you is soaking wet and could’ve died and he’s moving with 10 lbs of water in each boot 🤣 not very mantra-esque, but it got me hauling ass without stopping. Though admittedly, I was legit crying at one point, I fell, I tweaked the glass ankle, and I thought I was gonna be on Facebook as a successful search and rescue. I just didn’t wanna be that guy ya know? This helpfully shortened my mantra to “don’t be the search and rescue guy” as I breathed, waddled, hobbled, cried, and got back and was in fact, not that guy. 🎉

Would Jesus even be Monetized nowadays?

Good evening. (though this will be posted tomorrow) If you've read any of my earlier posts, you will know that I've been catching up on missed writing days. If you've read the title, then you know this has got to be a weird round of reasoning, but stick around because oh my sweet lawd, I... Continue Reading →

Zombie Apocalypse

"Bad day, hon?" Cheryl asked as she was chopping carrots at the counter. Her husband, Harold, flopped at their small circular kitchen table. He sighed and put his head in his hands. His hair was thin and scattered over his fingers. It took a while for him to respond as if he was trying to... Continue Reading →

To Whom Am I Listening?

Note - I am not affiliated with shit, I am simply a fangirl of the highest order lmfao I am pushing listening to 30 albums in less than a week. I thought for my sake and yours, I'd collate the bands to whom I am listening, so maybe you can find something new, interesting, exciting,... Continue Reading →

What? The Ducking Duck

“I’ve painted so many lies” As woe begets my pen (Oh that.... a typo?)   The neglect of a V A carat addition ^ Or auto-correction Underscoring the need for  This somber reflection    What is the meaning of life and love?   The nurture of ducks Vs The nature of Fu’s   (Where... Continue Reading →

On Self-Fulfilling Prophesies & Asses Cashing Checks

Did you ever hear the story about Jim Carrey writing himself a $10m check? It goes something like this, he wrote this check, dated a year later, and he carried it in his wallet. I think it was a week before the check was due, so to speak, he landed The Mask for $10m. Naturally, I heard that story, wrote myself a check, did nothing with it, and it hasn't worked (yet). I think I figured out why this ass couldn't cash her check - yet.

Nucking Futs

Original Mental Wellness Comedy by MahButtItches, unusual imagery thanks to mad GoogleFu and a bountiful harvest thanks to memes and artists all over the globe.

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