The Sperm Lottery

Facebook asked me what I would want to do if I won the lottery.  So, the odds of winning the lottery are 1 to 175 million, on average.  Did you know, in order to be born, you were 1 of roughly 80 to 1800 million sperm? Your birth was quite literally winning the sperm lottery.... Continue Reading →

A new way to bleed

Editor’s note: While I will make every attempt to make my writing funny and approachable, please know my content is not for everyone. I am talking about dark, painful issues that you may have no experience with. You may have experience with them, and not want to relive them. I am talking about various forms... Continue Reading →

The best part of waking up

Sleeping beauty is up and ready Eyes are leveled, set, and steady Gone are days sleeping for loss Now is the time of fierce lioness We don’t teach peace through war We will release this hell on earth Good morning Beautiful

And I didn’t even need coffee

Upon the sun’s kiss, I felt my heart choke. The beats became breathless upon the fires imbued, and I have not felt this rhythm before. Upon the moon’s wish, my eyes filled with smoke. Burning illusions in the watery magic of dreams now truth. And we have beheld this vision before. When dreams and reality... Continue Reading →

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