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Hey there, and thank you for taking a moment to read this. I use WordPress to post a lot of things, but I post a lot more things on Facebook. There's a lot more memes and humor there because it's way easier to share and interact quickly and easily there. It's also, in my opinion,... Continue Reading →

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I got snake bites in December - it had been something I wanted to do since I was young, so I did it. A happy byproduct was that my lip hurt so badly, I couldn't bite my nails. I was able to grow them long enough to cover them with fakes, and today, I took... Continue Reading →

Dead to me

I am a wreck today. Astrologically speaking, I suppose I'm on track, but on a personal egoic level, I feel like Dante's Inferno is more biographical than poetry. This all started with a meditation that began with "I am sorry that I have not listened before, but I am here now to hear what you... Continue Reading →

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

Do you remember when everything played? The days flew by and all the music we'd trade? It was all that mattered then and now I look back and I can't think of how We traded away our dreams of eternity snorting enough sugar to make our nose bleed forgetting that lyrics can bring you home... Continue Reading →

Aphrodite Swiped Right

Talking to you is like listening to me If I were deaf and blinded I scream and scream reality, but you sift through your illusions You are drowning deep inside the quicksands of your own timing I've shown you roses, pure and true, made in my blood and tears You chose my thorns, you silly... Continue Reading →

Cosmic DJ

The wind is a jukebox Of my yesterdays The record plays A poem dances I await the next song To come

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