Daily Prompt -1949

What does "having it all" mean to you? Is it attainable? No, I don’t think those words mean anything and as such, of course it is not attainable. “Having it all” is subjective and the definition would be specific to every single person and yet, regardless of responses: would never be accurate. Do you want... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt – 1948

Who would you like to talk to soon? Anybody who can take a look at what I’m doing, see I have talent, and help me take that to the next level. I’ve been watching Marvelous Mrs Maisel and I want my Susie. Somebody who believes in me and can help me go to other levels.... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt – 1947

We belong to each other. It is easy to ignore others when you don’t see it that way - their problem, I don’t live there, they don’t agree with me, etc. Everything is creating and supporting separation and othering, and look how bad it’s getting. Look how high mental illness, addictions, overdoses, and suicides are. All snuffed candles. Killed by separation, killed by not knowing their light, perfection, beauty, uniqueness, authenticity.

Daily Prompt – 1946

In terms of physical crap, “what you own ends up owning you”. You buy shit just to rearrange it and clean it. I can’t stand it anymore. Any collection of anything collects one thing and one thing alone: dust. In terms of intellectual property crap, I really know I can do more with it then let it sit on my Google Drive. But that’s far less about de-cluttering my drive as it is my mind, belief systems, etc. Mental Wellness, Daily Prompts, improving today and setting us up for a better tomorrow

Daily Prompt – 1945

My life’s work will be making my life work, and hopefully, teaching my and making people laugh at things they didn’t expect to laugh at along the way. #mentalwellness #transmutation

Daily Prompt – 1944

How do you feel about cold weather? I’m gonna go with…. Cold? and not for nothing, this feels like small talk and I’m not great at small talk. “Nice weather we’re having!” “Indeed, all my senses are working today too!” I’ve generally applied the rule that if you’re cold, you can always add layers, but... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt – 1943

Have you ever broken a bone? Surprisingly, no. However, I fucked up my tailbone once, and it’s a funny story, but also one that haunts me a lot, and the very thing that made this fucking blog: so maybe I can work some shit out and you can learn more weird shit about me…Shall we?... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt – 1942

How do you balance work and home life? As an aside, and I will do a follow up on this later: I think balance is actually a really poor word choice here that sets most of us up for failure. I believe the appropriate word choice for this type of concept is harmony. Nothing is... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt – 1941

What sacrifices have you made in life? I’m just going to link to what I wrote yesterday, I think that answers this question perfectly Oh, how beautiful pain can be - prolly the most painful, yet beautiful sacrifice I’ve ever made. Warning, it may be a tough read. I’ve had a painful, beautiful life.

Daily Prompt – 1940

What's the oldest things you're wearing today? I think it’s my Wawa hoodie, which really isn’t that old. Excellent hoodie, soft, warm, reminds me of the place I lost. The place I miss. My home away from home. I know you’re gonna think I’m going to say something sweet or about a person, but fuck... Continue Reading →

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