In between genres

When you don’t know what to wear because you haven’t seen any clothes you like, and you don’t like the clothes you have. When you never know what to listen to because the familiar stuff makes you think too much, and you just don’t know what you like anymore. When you listen to yourself think... Continue Reading →

Shit Happens

…Then, I became a chugging engine that thought she couldn’t with a somewhat breath related quit yer bitchin, the dude ahead of you is soaking wet and could’ve died and he’s moving with 10 lbs of water in each boot 🤣 not very mantra-esque, but it got me hauling ass without stopping. Though admittedly, I was legit crying at one point, I fell, I tweaked the glass ankle, and I thought I was gonna be on Facebook as a successful search and rescue. I just didn’t wanna be that guy ya know? This helpfully shortened my mantra to “don’t be the search and rescue guy” as I breathed, waddled, hobbled, cried, and got back and was in fact, not that guy. 🎉

Daily Prompt – 1954

What quality do you value most in a friend? I think the right word would be authenticity, but I don’t think I’d apply it only to a friend, but I would have to imagine… in order for me to really consider someone a friend, we’d have to be authentic. But, as someone who has really... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt – 1953

What jobs have you had? Man this is another small talk-y one. Who gives a shit? Used to be in sales, used to be a admin, used to be admin asst, marketing associate, customer service rep, bank teller, cashier/customer service rep, and my first job was whatever the hell I was at Kids R... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt – 1952

Do you practice religion? They say it better than me. Good enough. I just got done a fuck all of a hike where I went higher and further and everythinger more than I ever thought I would or could (whilst listening to music) then I came home and yoga’d where I did multiple things I... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day, etm.

I wrote this last year, it seems applicable to re-post. My daughter’s current definition of love is “My dad cooked my mom cheesesteaks outside in a freaking snowstorm. If you’re not doing that for me, I’m not interested.” As someone who analyzes every word a person speaks like a linguistic sommelier… can I just tell... Continue Reading →

“Believe in nothing, fall for anything?”

I’ve always had a problem with the idiom “believe in nothing, fall for anything”. My problem was that it seems to fly in the face of open-mindedness. I feel like growth and change happen when beliefs are questioned and changed. I just realized the better understanding. If you believe in nothing, that means you do... Continue Reading →

Tipping Waitresses, Trying Veals

Maybe a foot apart, us Yet it feels like Antarctica was On either side that once said love If Antarctica was spelled good or fine, just Monosyllabic goose eggs Cause everything I bring up nags Can’t find the words, my tongue is blind Bitten and chewed off so many times I try to find the... Continue Reading →

Hypocrisy, so hot 🥵 right now

When I was a kid, I learned quickly how much hypocrisy drives me nuts. People telling me not to ask too many questions, or not that type of question made me livid. Growing up in Catholic school, I both really dug theology and really, really hated it because of this. Though I barely remember the... Continue Reading →

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