Daily Prompt – 1946

Do you have any collections?

Oh indeed, terrible exes, trauma out the yin Yang….oh, I uh, I don’t think that’s what… this was about.

I have a very dusty collection of all the precious moments figurines anyone has ever given me since I was a child. Lotta sentimental value but I don’t really display them, as I am now 40 and seriously, who wants to dust all that shit you know?

I have several collections of poetry sitting on my google drive that could be submitted to a publisher. I’ve done it once or twice but, ya know, it’s just there. Gathering dust on the cloud.

I have several collections of short stories, also not sent anywhere or really done anything with. I have a massive collections of started but not finished things I was writing. “I’ll get back to it when I feel inspired” ya know?

Hell, I have a maaaaasssive collection right here, and I will soon be getting a notification I’ve written for a month straight for the first time in I don’t know how long, and that is a collection of notifications I really enjoy. And tbh, the main reason I’m not focusing on the above collections is bc I wanna focus on my Itchy Ass Blog.

In terms of physical crap, “what you own ends up owning you”. You buy shit just to rearrange it and clean it. I can’t stand it anymore. Any collection of anything collects one thing and one thing alone: dust.

In terms of intellectual property crap, I really know I can do more with it then let it sit on my Google Drive. But that’s far less about de-cluttering my drive as it is my mind, belief systems, etc.

It is far easier to chuck a bunch of crap in a trash can than overwrite lifetimes of bad programming and beliefs, although I’m coming to wonder if that’s even true. As much as I try to stay away from duality, “you either is or you ain’t” you either is submitting work and becoming a writer purely by having written and believing in yourself enough to share it, and then some more to try and get someone to pay you for it.

For any of us with collections of IP on our hard drives or clouds — the only thing really holding anyone of us back is either we don’t believe in ourselves, or we don’t want to try. The difference between me and anybody I admire is they didn’t stop til their dream came true. And for a lot of them, now they have plenty of money to buy collections of literal dumb shit bc they did something with their collection of metaphorical shit.

Thanks for stopping by! What do you think? Are you hoarding art too? What’s your weirdest collection? (My kids teeth for me. Moms and serial killers, baby)

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  1. This is the longest consecutive blog I’ve ever written on, I’m trying to make a habit of it. A hundred some odd days and counting. Go us. ^_^


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