A letter to my younger self

I thought this was beautiful and I wanted to see what would happen for me if I started writing a letter to little me. I’d like to thank TaylorMae very much for the inspiration! Her blog is great, definitely pop on over! And if you like the idea, try it out too: tag me, reblog or ping, I’d love to read! ….So, my dearest little one, all I truly ask is that you come out and play with me today and everyday. Let’s do this because we know we can, and we cried last night because it’s actually so much scarier to know you can, isn’t it?​ read more…

Daily Prompt – 1951

I love the internet, I am a child of the internet, I’ve blogged since I was a teenager, etm. Call it the Libra in me, I want to bring the balance of not ​having it and having to entertain yourself bc your mom said get outside and don’t let me see you til it’s dark. I want that. I want them to go do absolutely stupid things and probably be unsafe or stupid. The internet is assuredly dangerous, but I’d rather have one tattle on the other for doing something dumb in the desert. I donno. Wordpress Daily Prompt, Parenting, kids, screen addiction, recovery, MahButtItches

Memorial Day, etm.

I wrote this last year, it seems applicable to re-post. My daughter’s current definition of love is “My dad cooked my mom cheesesteaks outside in a freaking snowstorm. If you’re not doing that for me, I’m not interested.” As someone who analyzes every word a person speaks like a linguistic sommelier… can I just tell... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt – 1950

What are you good at? Procrastinating, fucking up my life, panic attacks, and being really really fucking funny. My favorite line is “…I shouldn’t be laughing at this” or “omg that’s so fucked up how do you think like this” etm. I’m also good at writing, but today, I need to focus on a lot... Continue Reading →

Hypocrisy, so hot 🥵 right now

When I was a kid, I learned quickly how much hypocrisy drives me nuts. People telling me not to ask too many questions, or not that type of question made me livid. Growing up in Catholic school, I both really dug theology and really, really hated it because of this. Though I barely remember the... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt – 1942

How do you balance work and home life? As an aside, and I will do a follow up on this later: I think balance is actually a really poor word choice here that sets most of us up for failure. I believe the appropriate word choice for this type of concept is harmony. Nothing is... Continue Reading →

God is a Comedian

Okay, we’ve written some heavy shit, let’s do some funny shit. First and foremost: Murphy’s Law of Menstruation explicitly states - everything can go wrong, will go wrong, and then you will get your period. Don’t scroll away gents, the females in your life go through this all the time. When I can say that... Continue Reading →

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