DDD: How low you go is how high you fly

But sometimes just remembering that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction… is a way to at least move towards that natural implicit opposite. Some of this stuff gets hokey as fuck sounding or somebody trying to sell you something, but I don’t think Newton tried to get anybody to take a Masterclass. I could be wrong - he totes could have been a boss babe, right? 🍎 🍏 💯 😘 🎉 🍏 🍎 🧘‍♀️

DDD(potbwd): Can you actually pick yourself up by your bootstraps?

Does that concept of physically picking yourself up by the straps of your boots or, say the laces of your shoes make any sense whatsoever to you when you think about it? I have heard this saying so many times and one day I couldn’t stop thinking about how stupid it is, it makes zero sense and it’s literally like some kind of American work ethos or whatever the fuck. It’s like our … go get ‘em tiger is to expect people to literally do impossible things by themselves. MahButtItches, WordPress writing prompt, daily prompt, questioning thoughts, recovery, mental health

Memorial Day, etm.

I wrote this last year, it seems applicable to re-post. My daughter’s current definition of love is “My dad cooked my mom cheesesteaks outside in a freaking snowstorm. If you’re not doing that for me, I’m not interested.” As someone who analyzes every word a person speaks like a linguistic sommelier… can I just tell... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt -1949

What does "having it all" mean to you? Is it attainable? No, I don’t think those words mean anything and as such, of course it is not attainable. “Having it all” is subjective and the definition would be specific to every single person and yet, regardless of responses: would never be accurate. Do you want... Continue Reading →

Domo Arigato, Mr Robot-o

Good morning. Today is Friday, and I’m here freshly caffeinated but needing more, in velour leopard print pants and a not matching fleece leopard print shawl. I’m sniffling and sniveling because I just finished Mr. Robot and I am fucked up, man. No spoilers, I couldn’t explain that fucking show if I tried, you just... Continue Reading →

There is Power Coming Out of Hell with Your Angels and Devils as Best Friends: Confidence

Confidence is having it all - bad shit included - being everything you are and trusting that you will take yourself exactly where you want to go. You don’t need to grow, develop, or learn it. You have always been doing this. Now trust it to get you where you want. Keywords: Mental wellness, Mental wellbeing, transmutation, transmute that shit, MahButtItches, confidence

Hypocrisy, so hot 🥵 right now

When I was a kid, I learned quickly how much hypocrisy drives me nuts. People telling me not to ask too many questions, or not that type of question made me livid. Growing up in Catholic school, I both really dug theology and really, really hated it because of this. Though I barely remember the... Continue Reading →

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