What Am I Listening To?

I have always been a casual Foo fan at best.  I dug the radio hits, and generally got sick of them because they are perpetually overplayed.  It’s honestly how I felt about Nirvana back in the day… But this new album.  Fuck me it’s good.  Run is such a good song, that I actually went and listened to the entire album.  Foo Fighters have how many albums out now? I listened to the album that had Big Me on it and now this.  But yeah, this album is incredible, and this song just ❤

Trip Hop is my addiction, and there are so many channels on YouTube that make these mixes that take the incredible experiences of each song to create one big 1-2 hour long session of just melt your goddamn brain as you turn to jello.  This is my favorite mix – I’ve probably listened to it 10 times now.  It has so many of my favorite songs, which I’ll add too

My first taste of trip hop thanks to my ex boyfriend and still my favorite ❤ I was just jamming to it earlier when I was trying to get my brain unstuck

God I love this song, especially when I’m driving…

Also back on a TOOL kick again, got sucked in an all things Maynard YouTube hole last night and it was glorious… driving home from Wawa on a cig run had me belting the scream at 4:45… Fuck me man, every time I have some sort of ick and I just need to express myself, I throw on H and belt that shit out.  Even with my smokers lungs, I get so proud of myself when I can hold that note.  Maynard man… I just… /fangirl

I stumbled on this one in a YouTube hole last night too and I fucking loved it.  I actually need to sit down and listen to this whole album because I love Back & Forth too.

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