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Hello! Thanks for stopping by.  Writing is equal parts passion and therapy to me.  I began writing in an attempt to understand why general unhappiness was my normal modus operandi.  I became tired of my crap – between eating disorders, toxic relationships, and generally choosing to make myself miserable over and over again – I just wanted to stop the madness.  When I was in elementary school, writing was akin to breathing for me.  As I grew older, I guess, I decided that I should not dream or smile.

I’m definitely on a journey and I am falling in love with life.  For the first time, I am really accepting where I am – personally, spiritually, and developmentally.  I write, mainly, to help myself understand myself, but I am also hopeful that maybe I can kick off a thing or two for anyone who reads.  I am no expert on anything but inappropriate pajama wearing in public.

I tend to bounce between too serious and too not serious.  If my name is any indication, I really do not like to be too serious.  It gives me a furrowed brow, and a shitty attitude.  I prefer to be a girl with an itchy butt and a lot of introspection and contemplation.

Thanks for stopping by!

Who Do I Think I Am? is where I’m writing crap about me.

Who’s Who?

I don’t really want to use actual names, because I don’t.

  • Jack is my ex-husband and father of my three children
  • The Poopies are how I refer to my children (in real life, because I am a great Mom)
  • Lock – My oldest Son
  • Shock – My daughter
  • Barrel – My youngest son
  • I sometimes refer to myself as Sally.
I have a thing for Nightmare Before Christmas 😉


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