Restarting my coffee talks

“Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” About a minute and a half chat over on TikTok or same post on Insta or FB. I’m just everywhere for all your clicking preferences. My plan is to do this daily, I don’t know that I’ll link here daily tho. I really think... Continue Reading →

God is a Comedian

Okay, we’ve written some heavy shit, let’s do some funny shit. First and foremost: Murphy’s Law of Menstruation explicitly states - everything can go wrong, will go wrong, and then you will get your period. Don’t scroll away gents, the females in your life go through this all the time. When I can say that... Continue Reading →

Hot Pads are a girls best friend

So, this is just… my life and my life is generally talking about things you’re not expected to. I have my period. But what I mean by that is I am laying in bed with a hot strip thingy on my back and a hot pad on my pelvis, because everything hurts. I also think... Continue Reading →

Validate or Abdicate from the Conversation

Suicide is not selfish. Suicide will never be selfish. Suicide is the terminal result of debilitating, life altering brain bullshit. Unless you are the type that tells cancer patients if they die, it’s selfish… 🤷🏿‍♀️ I hate the terms mental illness/mental health bc it is not that black and white. If I’m going to use... Continue Reading →

Dysfunction – Executive

Original Mental Wellness Comedy and random tips on how to deal with shit by MahButtItches. Unusual imagery provided by GoogleFu and abundant harvests of memes and art by supremely talented individuals across the globe. Many thanks for your contributions.

Ma Ma Ma Ma Mad Mad Madness

Did Eurydice save Orpheus, or did he save her? But Nietzsche said "without music, life is meaningless" as he proposed to Salome If madness lies in genius, or the other way around La Petit Mort whispered with quivers Cupid stole a quiver, to feed his surefire bow Inspired Van Gogh's ear the ticking of Poe's telltale heart... Continue Reading →

13 Reasons..

With everything going on right now, I thought this had merit. With the tragic loss of the great Chris Cornell, I thought this post was good to re-share. 13 reasons why I am happy, and 13 reasons why I won't harm myself.  Inspired by Virtual Vomit And J-Dub 🙂 The challenge is to write 13... Continue Reading →

If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority!

The following things, in no particular order, are top priorities: -Gratitude for everything, even the things pissing me off -Feeling feelings without trying to change them -Being a being without trying to change me -Breathing more deeply and letting things breathe -Reading more, thinking less -Getting outside and not being a hermit -Make new friends... Continue Reading →

How can the same word be a complete opposite?!

This reality cleaves me to my stagnant situation while cleaving our communication because I haven’t I suppose directly asked, you’ve not really inferred, and I thought I implied. The communication problems don’t always stem from such a straightforward place. We raze forests to raise profits after all. It’s kind of like being disgruntled when you... Continue Reading →

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