Love is evolving. Venus conjunct North Node

This made my day make so much more sense. Everything I read resonated on every level

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

9/14/17 This is an important day. VENUS is conjunct to the NORTH NODE. The North Node is our true north and highest spiritual goal @ 23+ degree of LEO. 

VENUS rules Love Values Relationships Money And Creativity. In LEO She is expressing herself at her strongest most creative and dramatic.

Love is evolving to its highest creativity and purpose. Women especially are being called upon to show up and roar from the Divine Feminine.

We must ask ourselves if our present lives and loves and other aspects of our lives and  values- job lifestyle are fulfilling our greatest passions and allowing us to express our creativity and our WILL’S  to the max?

REMEMBER YOU ARE THE QUEEN or KING and your will guides your life.

Venus in Leo is fiery passionate dramatic powerful fearless and needs to be the Boss and treated like a Queen. Venus in LEO is the LIONESS defending…

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