Suicide Prevention 

❤ there is absolutely no weakness to be read here. I resonate very deeply with this story, and I'm inspired by how many beautiful souls are sharing in the hopes of helping others. Depression may be selfish, but none of these beautiful women are ❤

Sunday was World Suicide Prevention Day and awareness continues for the rest of the week, so to do my part I thought I’d share my experience of dealing with suicidal thoughts. This is exceptionally emotional and difficult for me to discuss, but I do find it’s both a sad and beautiful part of my story.

When I was at college it was a tough time for me, as you all know. In the early part of my second year I had a PTSD relapse and I felt for all the steps forward I had made, I had just taken a million steps back into some sort of depression abyss. At this time I really struggled with self harm which I used to try to feel in control of myself, then the thoughts of suicide started creeping in.

To put it blankly, knowing that I was on the same planet earth…

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