Daily prompt – 1932

What was the last live performance you saw?

Nick Offerman. Great show, took my mind off how insanely screwed up my life is right now. He was funny, goofy, and sang lots of lovely songs. Lots of ass talk, so my kind of man for sure. I was engaged.

There’s something about getting to immerse yourself in someone else’s talent. Like, on a day you could have been crying, a comedian can make you laugh your ass off. Or that song that makes anything feel just a little bit better.

Someone was kind enough to tell me yesterday I made them laugh and that’s contributing to the community and I’ve never thought about it correctly before. Any of us on here, or anywhere, making art, talking about our lives, or cracking jokes. Or making odd quantities of shit metaphors… if somebody sees it and smiles, we helped make something better for someone else.

I told my kid that today, we are having a doozy of a day. Embezzlement charges. Not mine. And not interesting like I have cash somewhere in the caymans or anything like that. A series of bad decisions and lots of shit just got us to a place we don’t want to be. So my kid, he’s devastated right now. Crying hysterically. And I’m thinking to myself how the fuck do you console him, he shouldn’t have to deal with this. Fuck neither should I. Any of the kids. We all have so much and they especially have a lot. What do you say? When shit is too fucked and you’re talking to a kid. They should be worrying about grades. So, I told him, look sometimes you can just try and make somebody else smile. It’s like when everything is going wrong, at least you can do that. And he did help a kid and he did feel better. So hey, there’s a win in some crazy fucking losing. I digress as per usual. I’m just sayin, when I’m saying life’s fucked like – didn’t have it on the May bingo card, saying combinations of words I’d never expected to say, and once again wondering which Buddha’s ass I clearly must have shoved a cactus up. I don’t know if my grammar is right there. But this has taken us further off the point. Let’s get somewhere, shall we?

We can all make somebody feel better in so many ways, some on stage and for money, others with an itchy ass and lots of goldblum. Lots of you out there have been helping me through all of the stuff going on. Your poetry and stories, talking about your lives, music, and everything else. It’s given me a deep breath, or a smile, or something to think about. So many things. Each of you may not be a live performer, but you are helping at least my life feel a bit better. And I’m reading it live to me at least. So really – everybody here is my last live performance. It’s fabulous and I’m super thankful. Bravo! Bravo!

And hey, not for nothing for me, I haven’t broken my writing streak. I promised myself I just had to not let literally anything break me anymore. So, thanks for stopping by day 12 or 13 I forgot.

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