A Journey To Health: How the Street Psychiatrist Stays Healthy

First off, I’d like to thank MBI for having me on here and for all her work on StreetPsychiatry.com.


So my story to health began when I became unhealthy.  I was 16 and had a bad reaction to Accutane; clinical depression, high anxiety constantly, and a suicidal outlook all that seemed to come from nowhere out of the blue.  I lived a great life right up until that point…

I didn’t understand what was going on until years later when I heard about the deaths and lawsuits dealing with Accutane.  By the point I started figuring things out I had a drug and alcohol problem that helped mask my symptoms and was all I really knew of how to handle the situation.

So fast forward a couple years of gallons of booze and any pills I could get a hold of along with a little bit of neuroscience, biochemistry, and knowledge about neurotransmitters/ chem compounds and here I was with the beginning of my handle back on life.

I used the knowledge I gained to first supplement myself back to health.  I found quality herbs and supplements that helped combat my depression and got a lot more of a handle back on life.

Since I still had a drug and alcohol problem, it took a few years to overcome.  First I cut out the alcohol gradually just because of a curiosity from this podcast (https://blog.bulletproof.com/james-swanwick-read-a-book-a-day-give-up-alcohol-be-an-alpha-male-180/ ) that had challenged the listeners to try quitting drinking for just one month.  That month soon turned into years…

From that point, it was easy to quit the pills as my constant cycle of getting fucked up was disrupted and I had a better disposition to be able to quit.

Along the way I picked up exercising a few times a week to maybe once every couple of weeks, but it really helped and I work out 1-2 times a week at the least now.

I also started to pick up on healthier eating habits.  More so eating less bad foods than gorging on everything healthy.  Intermittent fasting(luckily) has always been a part of my life.  Shout out to Jesus…

So from the time I was 16 to about 28, I beat depression, drug and alcohol addiction, but still had my feelings of high anxiety constantly.  It affected all areas of life and I was sick of it.

Finally, along with finally having health insurance to do so, got in touch with a good shrink who eventually got me meds to keep the annoying anxiety at bay for most of the month.

From the Dr, I also found out I had bipolar 2, which totAlly made sense even though I should’ve caught that myself earlier.  I guess I read bipolar one and said: nope, no way.  I don’t treat people like Shit, just myself.  Next…

So finally being 30 now, I got back to leading the type of life I was living when I was 16.  I started StreetPsychiatry.com in Feb. basically and it’s something I will one day build into a hub that helps the millions of lost, untreated, mis/un-diagnosed, and others that just need some help and/or an ear to listen.

I’ve been back ready to work now, start a business/ plan for others, have the chance to finish school, and live life once again.  If it wasn’t for my illnesses, I wouldn’t be able to represent the businesses and ideas I could today… I’ve had to learn so much and it made me a greater person to others and especially myself.

If you have a similar story or would like to help others, or even if you just have ideas that need to be shared, check us out at StreetPsychiatry.com/registry and help us give back to the world all the things it might be needing just about now.

Thanks again to MahButtItches and all you that took the time to read my story.  And if you’re reading this, make sure to check us both out… MBH has great content that I really enjoy and is shared on StreetPsychiatry.


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