Why I Write

I promised the handsome one in the middle that I would be the best Mommy in the world. I promised the princess on the left that she could do anything she wanted or dreamed, as long as she believed in herself. I promised the cute little jester on the right that no matter what, I will always love him. 

These promises lead me to parent exactly like this video 

I want to help as many people as possible to see this, because I watch this exact problem bring my children to tears. My sons have ADHD, and sitting still for hours, writing, and paying attention are difficult for them, and every other kid. I have to teach them all that their grades are meaningless. Their effort, behavior, love, and happiness are more important to me. 

I think this is easily getting forgotten, particularly as I’ve been ranting about diagnoses and pills. 

I write because I want this type of life for my family.  I want the peace inside of myself, and the love to constantly shine the light of love for my kids. I want them to know that the darkness of the moments that ended my marriage is outshined by the light of their father’s love and my love. We still love each other, the kids, and our lives may always be different but it will always have love. I’ve reached a point of gratitude and acceptance for all the good and bad of my marriage. I love how close Jack and I remain, and I appreciate that my biggest fan and supporter is the father of my kids. Writing connects me with my strength and love, and my spirituality. Writing is helping to uncover the beauty and peace within me. 

I write to release my fears BY living my dreams. Every time I throw words in here, I’m a writer. One day, I’ll be paid to. (That is not a subtle hint to start sending me money; I have a Nigerian Prince handling that). Writing is changing my life by forcing me to see in black and white, who I am and what I believe, and what I fear.  I promised myself that my kids wouldn’t cry my tears. I would show them the rainbows after the rain, and I wouldn’t tell them how to be happy, because they’re watching and learning it all. Mostly, I promised myself that I am not going to cry my tears. I’m going to find me, and I’m going to become my dream. I can’t tell them to chase their dreams if I choke mine, or let all the bullshit my brain (or anyone else, for that matter) kill it for me. 

I cannot be everything I say, if I don’t do it. I’m a writer. If you’re reading this, you’re making that dream true. Thank you! 😊 

Why do you write? Comments, or share this post and write your own – link it back to me, I am curious about the paths we are all on. 

I’m just learning to getting started. 

3 thoughts on “Why I Write

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  1. Love the way you write, I really enjoy your openness and honesty.
    I’m not sure why I started my blog, I think there are many reasons that are all swirling round my brain, so I won’t even attempt to make sense of them. I want to get whats in my mind out and free, in an attempt to gain better control over my mentalness (correct term for my depression). I’m hooked, not just by writing but by reading other’s stories. I too want inner peace, if you find it let give me a slice please πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you 😊 I certainly know what you mean. For me- meditation has been a huge help in tapping in to my inner peace. I’m reading the universe has your back and that’s really making me feel amazing.

      Glad we connected for sure!!

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