One Mom’s Itchy Butt #6

The first time these words began clamoring in my ear were on a Friday night.  I had planned a great family night - we were going to order a bunch of pizza and rock out to Leo Moracchioli on YouTube.  It was going to be good quality time, the kids were going to love it,... Continue Reading →

One Mom’s Itchy Butt #5

Delusions of Grandeur.... I've heard this term so many times associated with mania, and it never made sense to me.  If this is a metric of mania, then I am manic when I'm depressed or completely stable.  I'm a Mom.  My delusions of grandeur start at 6AM, when I think that I will get 3... Continue Reading →

One Mom’s Itchy Butt #2

Yesterday's Post here One of the most difficult aspects of managing Bipolar is relationships.  Looking back on my life, I've always had friendships where it's almost immediate enmeshment, toxic, goes nuclear, and ends.  For most of my life, people would cut me out.  I would find myself begging people to forgive me or constantly seeking... Continue Reading →

One Mom’s Itchy Butt #1

Mental Health Awareness month has prompted me to start a new blog category.  To be honest, it's been on my mind, because it is my mind.  I've realized, though, over the past few months, that attempting to separate mental illness from being a Mom is like attempting to separate my left cheek from my right.... Continue Reading →

Why I Write

I promised the handsome one in the middle that I would be the best Mommy in the world. I promised the princess on the left that she could do anything she wanted or dreamed, as long as she believed in herself. I promised the cute little jester on the right that no matter what, I... Continue Reading →

Erin Go Bah!

It never ceases to amaze me how perception, memory, and reality affect dates.  This once was my favorite day of the year, but now it has taken on a different meaning altogether. 13 years ago, the man who would be my husband and father of my three kids stood in front of hundreds of people on... Continue Reading →

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