What Am I Listening To?

Erm… I posted this, and then WordPress randomly overwrote it with my last post, so that’s fun

Okay, let’s take 2:

because I am with it AND hip, here’s a cover I found that’s only 3 years old:

Device is Dave Draiman’s side project, and their cover of NIN’s Wish had me headbanging on the way to Wawa last night \m/

I have such a crush on LDR, and her new single is awesome

Another 3 year old cover I just stumbled on:

God…her voice – beautiful, and I hate the White Stripes (as well as the Black Keys)

Spotify daily mixes and YouTube mixes are the shit for finding new music, especially with new genres I haven’t checked out before.  My current obsession is all things Trip Hop, and this is one of my new favorites.

The kids’ current favorite songs:

This is the first and only Papa Roach song I’ve been able to stand.  I don’t know why I hate them as much as I do, but I do.  Lyrically, I have to wonder if the kids are trying to tell me something…

Hearing my six year old singing this is the cutest thing in the world.  Not sure where this came from, I’ve loved this song for awhile, but my youngest randomly started insisting on this being played every day.

Barrel has also been singing this non-stop.  It’s cracking me up.  He sings it all seriously, as he jumps off steps…


What are you listening to? Any recommendations?

10 thoughts on “What Am I Listening To?

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  1. Space Jam! I still listen to “I Believe I can Fly” sometimes! Glad I’m not the only one! Oh, Oh, I have a few recommendations! Let’s see.. Imagine Dragons: “Dancing in the Dark” is one of my faves! Also, “I don’t Know Why”, “I’ll Make it Up to You”, and “Believer” by the same artist. I would say anything by J Balvin (especially “Snapchat”) but I’m not sure if you would enjoy Spanish music as much as me! Do you like Elvis Presley? Meh, I tend to forget I’m the only one with a weird taste in music! 😀 Spotify is my favorite music browser. Uhh.. Have you heard the new remake of “Thong Song”? Haha!

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    1. I love spanish music! I’ll have to look in my history, there was a beautiful spanish cover of Damien Rice’s Blower’s Daughter…You’d probably like it. I love Elvis Presley, and I love Elvis Costello hahahahaha. I have not heard the remake, but I will have to find that! And no, you are definitely not the only one with weird taste. I love everything except country. I have tried to get in to country and I Just can’t. lol


      1. Yay! Another Spanish music lover! Hehe! And I’ll have to look that up! I always like to hoard new music to my Spotify playlist! I love country! Well, of course I’m from the heart of country music so I have no choice 😁. Buuut, we will have to trade music one day! I could go on and on with that sort of conversation!

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  2. I listen to the Moana soundtrack on repeat….this is not my choice, it’s forced upon my by the 2 year old. So I’m sorry, I cannot recommend any songs as my mind it all ‘You’re welcome’ and ‘Moana, make way, make way’. Jesus on a bloody stick, man!

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    1. Oh man. Trust me, I understand. When the kids aren’t listening to the same normal songs
      Over and over and over: I have Moana or Sing over and over and over. Now, I torture Jack with belting out youre welcome for hours Bc it’s stuck in my damn head.

      Welll come to think of it, I can go on and on I can explain every natural phenomenon….

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    1. Oh absolutely, me too. Would you believe my older two
      Had the nerve to tell me
      I’m embarrassing because I sing everywhere?!?! Like, what, most people don’t randomly belt out can you feel the love?!?! Ingrates. The lot of them.

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