Bullshit Baffles Brains..


The ‘self help’industry implemented a brilliant marketing strategy that has been fine tuned. These are people who market people’s fears, in a covert way, leading them to believe they ‘need’ help. Advertising their books promising to ‘make sure you get what you want’, or, ‘how to manifest’…(with loads of mantras for you to keep repeating daily), ad nauseum.   ‘Self Help Gurus’ like Anthony Robbins, are a classic example.

There is massive power in suggestion.

They all have marketing teams second to none who have fine tuned their art.  As unsuspecting sheeple, who’ll believe anything, due to the fact that we’re either miserable, insecure, looking to manifest millions believing that’ll improve our happiness, (fed by media bullshit) – or simply want a different life to what we’re currently living believe that we ‘need’ people like him! Don’t get me wrong. I’ve nothing against Anthony Robbins or any other

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