New Dead Philosopher Crush

I’ve been listening/reading Alan Watts for a few months now. You know the presence of a genius when they can speak so simply about the profound. Weaving metaphor and similie to describe a nature that is just beyond the reach of our fingertips, using words we’ve not yet formed in our consciousness. We all see, know, and feel that there is more. He describes Tao and Buddhism so profoundly and simply. Transforming a 20ft high dive to a zero entry kiddie pool. 
I have found these mixes – his talks laid over trance music – helps silence my brain and help me quiet enough to allow the puzzle in my brain to quietly come together with no assistance from me. He takes the most paradoxical questions – how does one do nothing? To do nothing is to be doing something, as you’ve turned nothing into a something – and makes you laugh at the mystery while embracing the unknown. That yes, this all makes no sense and plenty of sense at the same time. 
Anyhoo, fan girling aside… here’s a mix – each one is about an hour long. I meditate at night to them or when my minions are stressing me out, I pop on the headphones and hide away a bit:

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  1. I LOVE love love Alan Watts and listen to one of his many talks at least every day. The man is pure genius! How freaken articulate is he? Right? Oh yes, he speaks volumes of truth and what I also love so much, is how simply he makes ‘WAKING UP’ to be! LOL, when I cook which isn’t often, I put him on youtube in the kitchen and just drink in his every word. thanks for sharing this. x x


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