No, Seriously, Suicide is Not Selfish

Today’s post on StreetPsychiatry – a well worded rant about Twitter jackasses calling Chris Cornell selfish.

Street Psychiatry

Unsurprisingly, lots of opinions, theories, and soapboxes have come out in the wake of Chris Cornell’s suicide.  When Robin Williams committed suicide, I wrote a long piece attempting to remove ignorant peoples’ heads from their asses, so I guess I should write again…

Suicide is not selfish

It must be nice to exist in a reality where you would “never dream of committing suicide.”  I would not know how that is.  It must be so peaceful and delightful to sit comfortably in your existence, judging people who struggle.  I have always understood that, if you do not have depression, bipolar, anxiety, etc., it is difficult to understand what it is like.  Your only comparison are moods – sadness, stressed, etc.  It is easy to assume that a bad day is comparable to depression, but in reality, it is wrong.  It is easy to say that you would never do “something…

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