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Street Psychiatry


For every tear that trickles down

And runs just like a river-

For every face that wears a frown

For Rage it would deliver –

For every heart that aches in vain

And every silent cry

For every Soul that writhes in pain

For every heavy sigh.

Hope is on the hillside

Love is in the wind

Courage has her arms stretched wide

Truth is your best friend –

Understanding is awake

She listens to your woe

Forgiveness knows mistakes you make

She rocks you to and fro –

Hate and Anger have no home

They’d like to live with you

Destruction despises being alone

He’ll come to haunt you too –

So call upon the Angels

Know that you are Dear

Shout ‘I LOVE ME’ to the sky

Let your Angels hear –

Know that they are with you

Just look inside your heart

Don’t let Fear tell what…

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