When Diamond Eyes are Smiling

As you stitched your mind together,

You forgot your broken heart

Digging through the pieces,

Sewing up the tears

so many parts are missing

held by others who didn’t care


When you learned 1+1 is 2

Did you need to be retaught?

How many times can you repeat history

Before it’s long forgot?


You lie and say that it’s all fine

It has been working all along

Blood can still pump through broken vessels

Just pour until you feel less empty


When you learned not to divide by zero

Did it never sink in?

How many times can you break your mind

Before you stretch too thin?


You smile and hide your knives for teeth

As you search for a new friend

When nothing is everything,

Your cycles have no end


When you learned to spell and put i before e

Were you too weird to understand?

How many times can you be rejected

Before you use your own feet to stand?


With a liars’ tongue you lick your lips

As you spread poison spittle

Night descends now, so quickly you go

Climb in to your sleepy coffin


When you learned to love

Were you to selfish to see

How many times can you kiss and say pretty words

Before you see it’s your own reflection?


And this is fine, for inside is divine, my light will shine resplendent

As the lies chatter on, and my mind sings the song

My heart is learning new lessons

A new major to lead, by my own unique beat

No teacher to confuse my instinct


When you learned about coal

Were you too blind to see

How much pressure must be exerted

Before blackness becomes the beauty?


Thank you for being the shitty composers

That played the dirt from my pretty eyes


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