Narcissistic Cannibal lol

With wine and words, you drew me in Playing songs that stole air from the sky Your eyes undressed my soul, I became yours to devour My lips, you took first, in nibbles and nips My tongue was your pleasure, as long as it licked When it wagged too grandly, you chewed it down My... Continue Reading →


The sneaky and slithering s crawling on your tongue tinged with bile and a remembrance a time when lies were little and white your body betrayed your mind A word you couldn’t utter until your tongue swelled to the point of release the ick of finishing a word you never wished to say Like choking... Continue Reading →

At Your Own Risk

“Treat your body as a temple” The temple more like a used condom Needs tossed upon the floor Full of someone else’s desire An empty shell, serving a purpose of suppression The hope of protection, foiled by the prick If torn, it serves no purpose So we slice and dice, stuff and purge Hoping to... Continue Reading →

Hell is where the heart is

Talking about rape, abortion, adoptions - also the last 20 years of my life. Don't read it if you don't want to read about yucky stuff. Go anywhere else on my blog, there's plenty.

Once Upon a Prick

You set me on fire without a single burn A sleeping child awakened in the middle of a storm My dream come true was in your arms Your smile, my north star in obsidian night Moths drawn to flames, your charms my blight Your heart mechanical, your hands surgical Slicing me open without a cut... Continue Reading →

Broken Hearts Make Stronger Drums

Days can go without hearing the rhythm of my heart.  In the busyness and insanity of all the games we play, my breath stays automatic, and my thoughts no end in sight.  My breath and metronome always with me, marking time in all I do.  With my breath to guide, my heart is muse and... Continue Reading →

Tipping Scales

What if I gave you a lock of my heart? Would you pull it around like it was string? Or tickle it to hear my laughter? Would you treasure it like pharaoh's gold Or be blind to the forevers in your hand? What if you carved that pound of flesh? Is there anything more to... Continue Reading →

The Best Part of Waking Up

Thoughts and feelings surge like a summer storm Raining down your cheeks With lightning bolts of chills Heat stroke memories Raise the mercury of your soul It’s been so many times you’ve retreated in your skull You’re idea of heaven is where thoughts don’t drown your soul Eddies swirl inside As the winds crest and... Continue Reading →

Maybe It’s Maybelline…

I thought I was sleeping, but you were there You spoke to me without moving your lips You came inside of me, like an old coat You read me as easily as looking glass I thought myself strong and fierce Yet you found the strings and made me a puppet So I danced to your... Continue Reading →

Black VW

Every time I see a car like yours I crane my head and eyes As if seeing your face again Would answer one of a thousand lingering lies As if seeing your baby blues, would cure my darkened skies As if I could shout through traffic, "would please explain why You watched me flay and... Continue Reading →

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