She woke one day with a thought worth repeating

I have died so many times that I simply lost score

When death is a gift and life is the curse

Who can say anything about fearing the worst?

Fear has been a blanket over rose colored glasses

A glass half full of poison, who drank it?

Pull it down, begged the keeper

Push it out, screamed the seeker

The heart beat silent in slumber

Yet now, all I hear is a thunderous rumble

The earth had quaked awake a tsunami

Ran the stairs to escape the tidal waves

Down became up and back down again

No stopping the game, legs became lead

Bullseyes float at the top of my head

Pull it, screamed the stairwell

Push it down, sings the unwell

Carrion flesh, singing songs to the hawks

Gnawing on bullets of innocence lost

Gave over freely, no sense of recompense

Talons tore scars,  corpses can surprise

Pull it now, their feathers whispered

Push me down, begs the reprise

Sleeping on switchblades, swallowing scorn

A rose gets tired of choking on thorns

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