Happy Birthday, Einstein!

I’ve always kind of had a weird crush on dead scientists and philosophers.  I have said it before, and I will continue to prove myself right: I am single, because I do not get men. Not in the attract men sense, I have breasts – that part is like attracting flies to poop.  That’s a horrible analogy; I’m sorry.

Okay, the point… Yes, so I spend my time pondering Plato, Freud, Jung, and Einstein.  I hop on sites like Tinder, and I realize that I am woefully out of my element in this world. Sometimes, I think I am supposed to be chilling at the Symposium and drinking wine from amethyst chalices…Luckily, I can apply Einstein’s theory of relativity to just assume that my brain goes too quickly, even in the vacuum of Tinder.  I tend to be introverted in the sense that I love to reflect on everything, and I cannot stand small talk or idle conversation.   It baffles me, though, how people don’t seem to know how to communicate anymore.  Regardless of the who or where, it seems like conversations are more interviews.  It feels like people are more interested in being around people who agree with them completely, versus expanding their perspective and being open to discourse.  It’s really awesome, because self affirming vacuums tend to really stimulate progress.

There is a part of me that thinks I’ve mis-applied the Laws of Attraction and somehow willed confusion and frustration into my being, but I’m fairly certain I’ve always been confused and frustrated.  Maybe I am channeling my inner Einstein and screwing up Newton’s day…I guess, it’s good to know you’re insane.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results” ~Einstein

Okay, so, people recite this constantly.  They use it as their justification to make a huge change, right?  Jurassic Park kind of proved this is impossible.  Seriously, look at the Chaos theory, Jeff Goldblum said that no matter how you try, you cannot accurately determine if you will actually achieve the same results.  A million tiny, unknown variables can change the outcome, even if all patterns suggest otherwise.   This is actually a real thing, google it, or don’t.  I don’t care.

Einstein spoke of no coincidences.  He has also been quoted as saying “God does not play dice” to say that there is an underlying repetition/pattern/order to the world.  He, like Neil Degrasse-Tyson, embraced a cosmic perspective.  NDGT describes space as a “cosmic ballet”.  Einstein had even said that he sees Buddhism as a philosophy that would embrace the cosmic perspective.  He sought a religion that overrode dogmas and personal Gods.

If I would be so bold as to jump in the ranks of my dead/alive scientist crushes, I’ll insert my dead philosopher crush, Buddha (he’s not a god!).  Buddha speaks of impermeability, that change is constant. If I understood Einstein correctly, he was actually trying to say that we all do the same things repetitively, that there is a logical order to the world and random is not actually random.  This man overrode our very notion of gravity – the calculations for space travel and time are based on his theory of relativity.  Then, I think how Buddha says Expect nothing, and he says Change is constant. I love the simplicity of that – if I expect nothing, no matter what I have done, it is to be appreciated, and in adopting that, everything changes.  It’s the very crux of meditation, because you become aware.  In awareness, you change.  If I’m aware of a stain on my shirt, I can change it, versus the massive hole in the ass of my yoga pants that I unwittingly showed all of my town yesterday…

Was Einstein trying to actually say “To do nothing is insanity?” Isn’t that the only true way to guarantee nothing changes?  Or, even that to expect anything is insane, because if it is expected, it is guaranteed to be nothing new.  It would theoretically, be impossible to innovate, change, or break the mold by doing things the way it has always been done, right?

I’ve been contemplating this because so many people have been asking me how to meditate.  I’m unsure how I became the unlikely meditation spokesperson, but fuck it, here goes:

What is the purpose of meditation? There is no purpose

What do you get from meditation? Nothing

Why do you meditate, then? Because meditation has completely and utterly changed my life and perspective.

Response: O.o

download (6)

There is a fine line between insanity/genius/enlightenment – there are enough quotes to support me on this.  Look at how people reacted to Einstein and even Edison!  They were called retarded!  To be a genius is to see the world differently than others.  I’ve always defined it as the ability to ask and answer your own question.  The madness that lies in genius is that you wish, more than anything, to allow the world to see through your lens, yet when you speak, it is another language entirely.  It’s very, very, very lonesome, I’d suspect.  Can you imagine trying to discuss the Theory of Relativity with Einstein?  Can you imagine sleeping next to him as he tossed and turned trying desperately to answer the question of his life’s purpose?

Most of us toss and turn about bills, while he attempted to explain the very force that moves planets and us and an apple.  It’s very humbling, if you think about it.  Or maybe you don’t, I don’t know. I am not you.  Buddha, though, left his wife and child to go attempt to explain enlightenment.  To attempt to help people to untie the bonds of their very mind so that they, like Einstein, can find their higher purpose and serve it.  Until they showed results, I’m sure most people identified both Buddha and Einstein as insane or retarded.  Yet, what I see is the very slight shift that meditation gives me:

download (5)

Both stepped outside of their box.  Both made a change, were aware of that change, and persisted in changing.  Both realized that they were called for more than sucking air in their head and exhaling carbon dioxide.  To me, this is the result of going inward.  How can you know a question exists, if you are unaware?  How can you question anything, if you don’t have a sense of self?  How can you have a sense of self, if you define yourself in externals?  All of this is what meditation’s nothingness brings, because you are alone, with yourself, and your breath.  You watch your mind unfurl, as the universe continues in a ballet.

I could not tell you if Einstein meditated, nor would it matter.  However someone gets to the point where they take a step outside of their box is what works.  Einstein could not possibly have expected the answer to his question, that is why it persisted in his mind.  That first step, to be uncomfortable in your own skin, and feel a nagging persistence to ask questions, is the very fruit of meditation, or prayer, or whatever you want to do.  I mean, hell, look at Westworld…”I asked a question, and I got an answer that I should not have gotten”.  In some ways, aren’t the loops representative of our collective drudgery?  (I’m on a Crichton kick today, apparently!)

I just have to think, on this the day of Einstein’s birthday (that I’m belatedly posting the next day, sorry!), how many questions have not been asked and subsequently not answered, because too many people prefer to stay inside a vacuum of self affirmation, doing nothing versus expecting nothing, and questioning nothing/no one… (or waste their time on Tinder, being interviewed to ensure I won’t commit the egregious affront of having a DIFFERING OPINION AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH RUN!)  It would seem as though Einstein’s definition of insanity is standard operating procedure, and Buddha’s definition of Expecting Nothing is what most define as insanity.

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This, this my friends, is why I am single.  If nothing else, maybe I just feel a tiny bit better about being called crazy.  I’m in good company, I think.

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  1. So many good subjects here, where do I begin to converse them. I’ll address 2, because more would be a whole blog in the comments section. LOL I was talking to my mom just the other day about the “talking” issue. I concluded, no one talks any anymore because they don’t know how. It’s all typing. Typing on the cell phones, laptops, etc. Just like I am doing now. Or electronics in general, watching tv, searching the internet. Use to you HAD to talk to people. There was no internet, no social media, maybe 1 channel on tv and it worked a couple of hours a week. People lived through conversation. So, carrying on a conversation is foreign, therefore uncomfortable, therefore avoided.

    You are also correct about people only associating with people who agree with them. Isn’t that the perfect way to never be wrong? Always having a sense of validation? If no one around you is disagreeing with you, well you are right, all the time. You are the genus. People see “all in agreement” as intelligence. But the greats of our time, where as you said, viewed as retarded. They sought to see things differently, go against what every one else believed and discover new possibilities, new ideas. You can’t do that if you see everything as others do, not look past your nose, not question what you are being told, question what’s around you, and the thoughts of the people around you. Also, you never have to change, in theory, you are already at the right place, correct? Not to mention you will never fail, if you are already in the majority mindset. If everyone around you sees things as you do, there is no chance of failure, you are guaranteed success. This is a long comment, and I will not be offended if you don’t post it, if you are moderating lol.

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    1. This is a FANTASTIC comment and I want to first say thank you!!! Seriously, I’m grinning right now. There are so many days I sit and just “does anyone think anymore??” I’m suffering damn near constant existenstial crises because it just seems like my brain can’t handle the world anymore. You’re absolutely right, texting has taken over communication and it’s killing it. Every date I’ve gone on lately, I’ve found myself talking constantly and it’s always answering canned questions. 😦 It’s depressing.

      If you look at the insanity after the election, it seems as though one word can make or break a friendship nowadays!!! It’s heartbreaking really, and it does make me worry. I am really pushing my kids to just think critically nowadays. I don’t know what else I could possibly do.

      🙂 Thank you for commenting, it warms my soul to know that maybe someday I’ll find a like-minded person in my day to day that wants to ponder constellations or something.

      Feel free to keep going!! hahaha

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      1. Oh my goodness, you are right about one word making or breaking a friendship. What happened to we are each individuals, with our own opinions, and free thinking and that our diffeerences make us great? I mean, I am a tolerant person. I love ideas, beliefs, theories on all things, whether I agree with them or not. I still want to hear them and talk about it with them, NOT argue about them, not hate someone for their opinion.

        I love understanding why someone thinks the way they think, whether I think that way or not. We are all different, or we should be, that’s why they make vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream, right? Because people like different things. But now it seems that if I don’t join lock step with what someone feels then I am the enemy. I am far from any ones enemy. How else do you learn if you don’t listen to all sides, then make an educated choice about a situation, or better yet improve that situation.

        If I have to agree with only what someone tells me, then we are all standing still. And if I just blindly agree then do I really agree? Won’t I just waiver when someone else comes along and tells me something different? The world would still be flat with that kind of thinking…lol.

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      2. I agree completely!!! (Irony hahahaha) I could ascribe it to my entj nature – “the devils advocate” but I love talking about everything. In a sense, I think we all believe we are right, elsewise we wouldn’t believe it, but I’ve always viewed everything as inspiration versus persuasion. I would never say “you don’t meditate? Ew. Get thee back Satan” I like to generally operate that my existence and rights extend to the tip of someone else’s nose. It’s tough to realize that so few people seem to operate under the basic tenets of respect, but in a Buddhist perspective, I’ll just celebrate when I meet a kindred spirit!!! ❤️❤️

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      3. LOL…yes, and I will take it a step further and say my existance and rights extend to the tip of MY nose LOL. And of course we all believe we are right, if not then why would we believe it. I’ve never heard anyone say, This is what I believe but I’m not right. They might say things like, I could be wrong but never the earlier.

        Example religion. Yes, I post Bible verses, it’s why I started this blog. I believe in God, I believe in Christ but I’m not a fan of “Christian”. I feel it has been taken over. I don’t think that everyone has to believe in what I do, my beliefs don’t require it. I don’t feel they have to believe not only “in” what I do, they don’t have to believe the “way” I do. It’s not my job to be the judge and jury. It’s why I don’t go to church. lol, told my mom that place would be empty after a few Sundays, and then I am just throwing a stumbling block up for others.

        I like “child of God” 😉 🙂 hahaha. I read my Bible and follow it, to the best of my ability. I got all the information, and I made my informed choice. No one can change that but that doesn’t mean I’m not open to listening, answering questions, asking questions, and being open minded about others beliefs. Of course I’m right ;)HAHAHAHA but I’m not going to try and “convince” someone I am right, I don’t feel the need to. That doesn’t mean that I don’t still like to learn, feel, hear, examine and discuss all other flavors of spiritual topics.


  2. Very enjoyable post. A lot of good food for thought.
    I used to meditate… deliberately, I guess? Well, I did it because I enjoyed it. I don’t approach it like I used to, but I think I still do meditate – possibly more than I realize. The truth is (as I see it) wanting to meditate/self reflect actually has more to do with being comfortable in your own skin than not. Your willingness to sit (lay, stand, whatever) and contemplate “nothing” in a manner that forces you to exist only with yourself (your body, your thoughts, etc.) suggests that you are comfortable enough with yourself to be ALONE WITH YOURSELF.
    The rest of your post about change and the comparison/contrast of the philosophies of folks like Einstein and Buddha was very cool. I’m getting tired, I suppose, because I have typed – and deleted – a considerable amount more then what is posted here. But every time I look at what I’ve typed, it doesn’t make sense, and my concentration is failing. So, I’ll leave it at the “cool” remark. Once again, very good post. Thanks for sharing this one.

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    1. 😊😊 thank you very much Scott!! I’m really glad you enjoyed it.

      I could not agree with you more. They do say that meditation becomes a lifestyle, and I’ve definitely felt the affects in my corner of the world. My brain used to buzz constantly, but now I find myself, if nothing else, more tolerant. I took to meditation after a breakup with that very intent – get comfortable being alone. I was so tired of chasing love to avoid the horrors of loneliness.

      It’s so funny because nowadays, being single is fine, and I generally avoid dates, etc. I also realize though that there’s a line between solitude and isolation so I try to stay balanced.

      I’m really glad you enjoyed it and maybe today your other thoughts will make sense. One of my friends said “wow, this is fucking deep, my head hurts” so hehe maybe you just need a few 😊 I really appreciate you commenting! Brought a huge smile to my face!

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    1. Thank you Serena. I’ve connected with your writing as well. I pulled up Mooji and immediately felt the chills so I thank you very very much. I have been in search of teachers as I’ve been kind of renegade in my path, but it’s forcing me to hear and feel my intuition, even if it’s a little lonely. ❤️🙏🏻


      1. Surrender to aloneness, and it transforms from loneliness to centre of your power. I have been on alchemy journey, I feel your struggle and been through it and still they are times, I fall into mind and all sort of craziness and fear comes. Stay with your heart, you already know it. Let the rest falls. I never followed anyone, It was not in my calling, but I listened to many, I found Mooji genuine consciousness. But the best Guru is within you. ❤

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      2. I agree Serena. I feel lately very strongly that I am being tested of my own trust in intuition and how I allow others to impact me. It feels as though this week alone I’ve encountered all my ego based drama and emotional triggers. I think I’m following a path of no path I had read before – no guru. Not much guidance but self. I even restrict my research a bit to the point where I only search on specifics from my meditation versus outside sources. Images and symbols I see etc. lately, I have been seeing a lot of Hinduism in my meditations – Saraswati, Krishna, 3rd eye elephant, and others. I am striving to stay observer and allow it to be understood and revealed as I’m ready versus forcing too much ❤️❤️

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