THERE IS NO MATRIX!!!1!!eleven!

This is very random.  But, seriously, is anyone else slightly nonplussed at how specific ads are getting lately?

Today, YouTube adverted Cove Haven for a romantic getaway in the Poconos, and they later chased it with “Meet Single Metal Heads today!  Single Metal heads are waiting for you!”

I mean…I’d be down with taking a sexy single Metalhead to a pocono resort featuring heart shaped hot tubs.  A little Mudvayne and sensual massage?  Maybe Korn and playing Kornhole (oh god that’s wrong…) Perhaps Slipknot and S&M…Black Sabbath, BJ’s and Bondage!!!!!

Apparently you get a free log for your fire.  So, I mean….consider me targeted!  Come at me boys, 40% if we book before April 30th.

(we can cache those cookies, while we’re at it…)

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