❤ Could anything not make you fall more in love with nature? Yazzy is too talented for my silly words to describe ❤


I walk the pathless trail, into a forest abuzz with haiku.
Revelling in the delicious sense of being drawn into a
metaphysical embrace.Scents of pine, cedar, fir brim into the
ambience of gossamer shadows.

liquid melodies
of birds ripple the air:
a squirrel browses

The quiet eloquence of the forest falls ,tuneful murmurs on my ears,
like the breath of eternal spirits roaming infinitesimal spaces,
unwearied, plucking strings in the purled leafage. I muse their whisperings.

aurum light filters:
leaves quiver into
cerulean drippings

I feel a rush of serendipity, entering a divine cosmos where
nourishing and nuturing renews verve. I lean into the wispy
slender branches of the weeping willow and slumber, my shadow
etched in gloam, as incantations of birds fade..I close my eyes.

a drunken bee
faints into my lap:
winter’s exodus


Dedicated to my friend Dana, of mahabuttitches17.wordpress.com
who inspired me to write this..

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