Lies of the brain swirling the drain. No hope, despair, give up, give in. God had no say in my recriminations. Shouting, clamoring, pounding, aching, breaking, masticating. Teeth of the brain’s drain of pain can devour a soul. Solely burdened with pain we proposed. Propose, I suppose, to paint in prose. Poisonous points pointedly pulsing. Happiness the I thought I must seek, too meek to see teeth of thoughts greedily stealing. Grinding and gnashing upon being worth being….


Standing, breathing, chanting, heeding. Permission to be..Wishes to be..No I to be consumed with misery, relinquish, avast, release, avail. No I to will not be consumed by sirens’ wail. Love is too great, to pure, too true.

I will, I am not less than this.  

I will, I am rise always to say. 

Thank you for love every day.  I fought the fight to get out of bed this morning, sloughing off my nightly nightmares mourning. I had to see your smiling faces. In the din of the chaos, I felt myself slip.  I grabbed a hand, and whispered “I can’t”. Yet there I heard voices clearly.

Yes, you can, yes you will.

For you are mine, and I am yours.  Love is our transcendent force…Permit the mind to stop the lies.  I’ll let the tears have every cry.  I’ll empty this vessel again and again. I gave you life, and you give me air.

Permission to be well, permission to heal, permission to love, permission for peace

Battles waged war on self in darkness.  When born, love and pain are bourn. Swelling breasts become the shelf of rest. The bourn of being born births oceans of being.

Even if my mind tells me I’m through. For the only that is every, is love I can’t wend. I’ll write, sing, and dance, ’til I bleed to purge the pollution of hate. Cancerous choice, self imposed pain…Yes! I will say again and again.  Nothing is everything, in solitude I know.  In silent separation, apathy and hatred sour.  In emptiness, stillness, can love truly flower.

The light of Mother’s loving sun embraces Father’s time

Paradox of maternal paternal

Reflect the smiles as I cry to the moon

Loving you, holy shrine, oceans of love meet sky of divine

Thank you for every kind word that I have received.  You have no idea what your words have done for me, the very life you are saving.  I am not alone, no one is alone.  I’ll be a shoulder and an ear if you need one.  I’ll give you anything I can, because suffering comes when you cut off your own tongue.  

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