The lower you sink, the higher you soar.

Until one day, you remember that no problems, no worries, no anxiety exists right now. That the greatest of questions can be answered by breath. If you’re inhaling, if you’re exhaling: you are always exactly as, where, and how you’re meant to be. The extremes of experience serve to teach us who we aren’t, so we can remember who we are: Love.

Love is found as much in the destruction as the construction. Unconditional love does not concern itself with labels like suffering or joy. Life and love thrive in the sunshine and the rainstorm. Destruction is a gift that takes away what we are not to make us reveal what we are.

In times of the greatest chaos, we receive the greatest blessing and choice: when everything is destroyed – what’s worth rebuilding? What do you want to create anew? And what do you want to leave in the pile of rubble? Destruction becomes the blank page you write the new chapter, the new story.

The best stories are the ones where you laugh as hard as you once cried because the things that were so important then were never who we were. That’s why we were suffering in the first place.

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