Hell is where the heart is

Talking about rape, abortion, adoptions - also the last 20 years of my life. Don't read it if you don't want to read about yucky stuff. Go anywhere else on my blog, there's plenty.

Aphrodite Swiped Right

Talking to you is like listening to me If I were deaf and blinded I scream and scream reality, but you sift through your illusions You are drowning deep inside the quicksands of your own timing I've shown you roses, pure and true, made in my blood and tears You chose my thorns, you silly... Continue Reading →

The only problem in prison is the I

Finally got the damn poem to talk to me. All friggin week I’ve been writing and x’ing and scribbling and cursing. It finally came together thanks to a conversation. The only problem in prison is the I Brick by brick We built a cell Fat was one And crazy Wriggling fingers into the space The... Continue Reading →

The Space Between

Mah Butt Itches

Love was on our tongues, licking honey on our wounds

Like two puzzle pieces, my head beneath your chin

For years it was heaven, life with my best friend

Nights lost to giggles, with forever in our smiles

With my head upon your chest, your arm wrapped around

Listening to our hearts matching, beat by steady beat

Lulled sleeping in our bed, rolling over to our sides

A foot and a half hearth, fueled by love and endless kisses

A foot and a half hearth, fueled by love and endless kisses

Your king moved one by one, while my queen became ruler

Impatient with ambition, perfection was my rule

Warmth a cooling memory, my fires froze in ice

Every morning I chiseled smiles, to hide the truth inside the lies

I love you became currency of manipulated hope

As your heartbeat didn’t match mine, and the space between us grew

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Keeping the Ass in Class

First World Problems: Alexa doesn't yet understand "Play Fear Innocculum album by TOOL". On the positive, she has not given me angry mariachi instead. The solution to frustration is of course acceptance and shifting to gratitude. Despite the fact that my house looked like the aftermath of a frat party, there were 5 boys playing,... Continue Reading →

Hoover (is this a god) Dam

Hoover (is this a god) Dam Sometimes it’s so much easier... to see all the things I want to hate. I want to yell at walls and converse with my carpet. The pillow and I are exploring other options.... But in the shower, sometimes I swear - I caught a glimpse of god. In between... Continue Reading →

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