Take some trauma, pain it's free Written out for your eyes to see Abortions, Adoptions, some panic attacks Let's take bets on what makes her crack "I think I heard she's mentally ill....does she do the vodka she'll swill!" But there are some shadows out like a spot Here are my demons, I'm setting... Continue Reading →

Bless This Mess

It’s a mess! I behest Help me straighten up! Exhaustion interrupts, “Cannot drink from empty cup” This mess, I attest Grows larger every day Chill out, I relay Can’t have all work no play But the piles keep piling I say unsmiling Escape so beguiling As the clutter makes me shudder Like a ship without... Continue Reading →

OK, Cupid

About Me – Just a girl who likes dark spaces I can’t live without – running in rat races Favorite book – The Dark Tower series Favorite food – anything with calories Hobby – hiding shit smells with potpourri Aspiration - Turning shit to poop-pourri? Darkest Secret – I don’t know how to love What... Continue Reading →

Anew Moon

Darkness spreads to inspire fear While intuition falls on deaf ears In the empty sky, truth will pull you near   Though night seems longer than day It is always darkest before dawn, they say Between black and white, there is gray   The sun is not our only truth or light The verse of duality... Continue Reading →


I let you take my body for the smallest of price The illusion of love from your heart shaped device The opioid bliss of making "love", a sweaty vice I tried to convince myself it was okay A strong-minded woman knows all the games to play But that crazy thing called love gets in our... Continue Reading →

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