Daily Prompt – 1951

I love the internet, I am a child of the internet, I’ve blogged since I was a teenager, etm. Call it the Libra in me, I want to bring the balance of not ​having it and having to entertain yourself bc your mom said get outside and don’t let me see you til it’s dark. I want that. I want them to go do absolutely stupid things and probably be unsafe or stupid. The internet is assuredly dangerous, but I’d rather have one tattle on the other for doing something dumb in the desert. I donno. Wordpress Daily Prompt, Parenting, kids, screen addiction, recovery, MahButtItches

Domo Arigato, Mr Robot-o

Good morning. Today is Friday, and I’m here freshly caffeinated but needing more, in velour leopard print pants and a not matching fleece leopard print shawl. I’m sniffling and sniveling because I just finished Mr. Robot and I am fucked up, man. No spoilers, I couldn’t explain that fucking show if I tried, you just... Continue Reading →

“Believe in nothing, fall for anything?”

I’ve always had a problem with the idiom “believe in nothing, fall for anything”. My problem was that it seems to fly in the face of open-mindedness. I feel like growth and change happen when beliefs are questioned and changed. I just realized the better understanding. If you believe in nothing, that means you do... Continue Reading →

Hypocrisy, so hot 🥵 right now

When I was a kid, I learned quickly how much hypocrisy drives me nuts. People telling me not to ask too many questions, or not that type of question made me livid. Growing up in Catholic school, I both really dug theology and really, really hated it because of this. Though I barely remember the... Continue Reading →

Dare you to fuck a blender

This thought, “broken, yes, that’s how the light gets in” keeps replaying. This idea that when you want to build a muscle, you break it down first. That’s how you get stronger. What doesn’t kill you makes you funnier; however, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your life’s purpose. I have to wonder if the... Continue Reading →

Surprising new lows

My life is so fucked You: how fucked is it? My life is so fucked, I use the cacti and spiked dildo ratio on my asshole. However many of either being shoved how everyoften in that most sensitive of orifices. Anything but the metric system, you know? But that’s not the thing...

Daily Prompt – 1930

What's a job you would like to do for just one day? Prolly gonna be in the minority on this one: stripper or a hooker*. But like, a classy hooker in one of the fucking awesome looking brothels near my house. I wanna go just to fucking hang out, but I would totally sleep with... Continue Reading →

Oh my weeping ankles..

I’ve been walking because I keep telling myself I have to. Or, sometimes I just get going before I think about it. Or, sometimes I dare myself to, or bribe myself, whatever works, as long as we work it. (I am sorry) I am so out of shape, I can’t even say I’m round. I... Continue Reading →

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