Dream a Little a Dream for Me…

Since I wrote 13 Reasons.. I have felt a shift in my perception.  Between the books I'm reading, re-committing myself to meditation and mindfulness, and trying to build consistency and routine again, I have felt a lot of positive changes in my life (I also discovered water is wet!). That post prompted me to reflect more on... Continue Reading →

Do You Believe in Magic…?

That damn song has been stuck in my head all day.  Following up on Finding Center and Book Club!  I'm almost done The Universe Has Your Back.  I am also doing the daily work of "Miracles May Happen" I actually am staying on Day 3, because it's been very difficult for me, and it's providing me a lot... Continue Reading →

Book Club!

My friend and I started helping each other find ourselves over last summer.  Together, we connected with meditation and Yoga.  It's funny how Mother works.  We both started talking when we were both in need of strength.  It seems our friendship is the very manifestation of The Buddha's Even Deal.  We also have a rampant... Continue Reading →

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