Change your search, get new results?

If you Google your life, what are the results?  Have you ever thought about your thoughts? Where did it come from, what is it about or why you’re even thinking it?  Have you wondered if you control your thoughts or if your thoughts control you? How noisy is it in your head? Are you in... Continue Reading →

I Am Getting My Shit Together

My life is nothing if not cyclical.  This time last year, I was working on getting my shit together, and later in the year, I pulled a complete and total movie troupe, shaved my head and went crazy.  It actually wasn't that linear, but I keep laughing about it.  At that time, I started identifying... Continue Reading →


Her soul was heavier than 2 tons of feathers Her heart could massage her mind to pieces Her eyes shine with sunny wisdom Her beauty can make a black night mourn She paints her world in murky rainbows Tainted souly by her need to fly underwater Like a fish in the clouds, she tries to... Continue Reading →

One Mom’s Itchy Butt #9

"Mom, why do you take so many pills?" ~Lock "Mom, are you gonna go to the hospital again?" ~Shock "Mommy, stop smoking or you are going to get cancer and die." ~Barrel Kids are the most observant creatures on this planet - especially of the people they admire most - Mom & Dad.  Their minds... Continue Reading →

My Butt is Out of Gas

(heh heh heh) In all seriousness, by Friday exhaustion consumes me.  Last night, I had great plans.  I was going to write, journal, meditate with some crystals, and possibly actually watch TV for once.  Naturally, after the kids went to bed around 9:30/10, I got myself comfortable on the couch and conked out.  I woke... Continue Reading →


I went to a women's meditation yesterday in celebration of International Women's Day.  It was a synchronized event with women's groups all over.  All of the groups meditated at the same time, with the same meditation.  It was incredible; I felt so much peace, beauty, and love.  I realize meditation is not for everyone.  Some... Continue Reading →

I Am a Gazelle

Inspired (in part) by Africa ~ Toto I woke with the word Gazelle on my mind, and I assure you that I am not going to try to sell you exercise equipment - I want that out in the open. Today, I feel like a gazelle.  I woke smiling, happy, and excited.  (Good for you, I... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Love Warrior

Inspired by reflecting on Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle-Melton, and Emily Rosen's poetry (both are on Facebook) My daughter has been asking me to take her to Rebounderz, which is an indoor trampoline playground.  The connection I'm about to bridge is odd, bear with me; this is my brain in action.  Rebound got me thinking... Continue Reading →


This word has been floating around in my brain lately.  I have such a hindsight 20/20 view of my life.  I've identified myself as a copy cat many, many times.  I can mimic voices, handwriting, and occasionally writing styles.  My mimicry is one of my oddest strengths and weaknesses. I read in an ACOA book... Continue Reading →

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