The Elephant in the Room

The Universe Herself seems to be beating me about the head to write. So, here I am.  Last night, I watched this video where Joe Polish beautifully, eloquently, and genius-ly speaks about his addictions. You know how, when you buy a new car, you suddenly see your car everywhere, but before you had never noticed it? Or,... Continue Reading →

One Mom’s Itchy Butt #7

I woke up in a bad mood today.  There is legitimately no reason that I can think of to be in this bad mood, but here I am. "I feel stuck" I've had enough of feeling this way, yet I feel like I do not do enough.  I've been working a lot on healing and... Continue Reading →

Wrong Side of Heaven

When I was young, two seeds were planted in my mind.  The first and strongest was, "I can do anything, if I set my mind to it."  The second was, "I am crazy."  My nature is stubborn and combative, so my life was dedicated to proving everyone wrong while making everyone proud of me.  I... Continue Reading →

The Space Between

Love was on our tongues, licking honey on our wounds Like two puzzle pieces, my head beneath your chin For years it was heaven, life with my best friend Nights lost to giggles, with forever in our smiles With my head upon your chest, your arm wrapped around Listening to our hearts matching, beat by... Continue Reading →

Lost Soul

The words Lost Soul have been on my mind a lot lately.  Those words have always resonated with me, because it's just how I feel.  More often than not, I feel as though I am wandering around searching for meaning in everything.  It hit me a night or two ago that I have been so... Continue Reading →

Just a slice

I took my pen and carved my flesh, to see what was inside Black blood oozed out, forming letters as it dried Tacky, sticky, comfort to see all the words I lied It should be red, It should be red, the pain, the pain, is all in my head In the flaps of my skin,... Continue Reading →

I Am an Authentic Butt

Admittedly, I had started yoga on a journey to grow my ass.  I am surrounded by friends who have luscious ba-donk-a-donks, and I am "cursed!" with a pancake ass.  One day, I realized, though, that my ass is a muscle.  Were I to work on that muscle, I would grow my butt.  I have photographs... Continue Reading →

Tough Love

I met with my psychologist yesterday.  As usual, she seems concerned about me.  It cracks me up, in a macabre way, that a few months ago, she was praising my progress.  Lately, she keeps asking me "What has changed?" I spent most of my time, yesterday, talking about my struggles as a Mom.  She noted... Continue Reading →

Burn Notice

I read an article yesterday regarding healing emotional pain, and one of the recommended strategies was to write a letter and set it on fire.  My natural pyromaniac inclinations delighted at this prospect.  I wrote my first burn letter yesterday.  After 5 pages of pure unadulterated poisoned pen to paper, I felt as though I... Continue Reading →

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