Diary of a Bubble Butt #1

Editor's Note - I struggle with eating disorders.  I am unsure if references to eating disorders could be triggering, but if it is possible, considered yourself warned?  Since I was 15, I have struggled with bulimia, anorexia, and binge-ing/emotional eating. Food is more of a weapon than a nutrient for me.  I'd love to say... Continue Reading →

The Distance Pt II

From My Mouth The Distance Feeling weak and disheveled, desperately seeking strength and respite, two friends decided that they would try again.  Their last venture left them bun-less, but true survivors never accept defeat.  They stare defeat in the eye and say, “Move.”  Spines stiffened with determination, they hopped in the Honda CR-V one more... Continue Reading →

The Distance

Since I wrote about Cinnabon, I figured I'd put these up. I wrote them a couple months ago... The Distance A discussion over appetizers led to a phone call being placed to Cinnabon to confirm hours while housing buffalo chicken dip at a noisy bar.  Hours confirmed, a delicious decision was made – drive 30... Continue Reading →

From My Mouth

Haven't done this in a bit, because I honestly could not think of anything funny.  Then, I remembered that I terrorize my children constantly, and it's kind of funny. My kids are obsessed with Shinedown.  They listen to them every day without fail. I did not know this, but apparently, my oldest gets rather offended... Continue Reading →

Book Club!

My friend and I started helping each other find ourselves over last summer.  Together, we connected with meditation and Yoga.  It's funny how Mother works.  We both started talking when we were both in need of strength.  It seems our friendship is the very manifestation of The Buddha's Even Deal.  We also have a rampant... Continue Reading →

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