No, Seriously, Suicide is Not Selfish

Unsurprisingly, lots of opinions, theories, and soapboxes have come out in the wake of Chris Cornell's suicide.  When Robin Williams committed suicide, I wrote a long piece attempting to remove ignorant peoples' heads from their asses, so I guess I should write again... Suicide is not selfish It must be nice to exist in a... Continue Reading →

The Liar in fAILuRe

I’ve had two concepts in my mind.  The first is: Anxiety is fear in disguise.  The second is: Anxiety is a great teacher if you allow it.  I read “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield, and he was talking about fear, anxiety, depression, etc. all being forms of resistance.  The urge to create versus... Continue Reading →

Won’t Someone Think of the Children?

Continuing from: Depression is Selfish The suicides of Robin Williams, Chris Cornell, and Chester Bennington prompted a common concern: would kids copy these celebrities? This concern is used to justify anger and hostility.  It is used to support "suicide is selfish".  The concern is understandable, copycat suicides are real. The people most at risk to copycat... Continue Reading →

Depression is Selfish

No, Seriously, Suicide is Not Selfish After Chester Bennington killed himself, I tried to stay off Facebook.  I knew what I would see, and I did not want to see it.  Like so many, I have been a fan of Linkin Park since I was a teenager.  Linkin Park helped me through one of the... Continue Reading →

Up In Smoke

Crackling and cackling, spectres of past and future beckon Home, hearth whispers, caressing temples of skepticism The drum beats loudly against the ribs of brush and bone A shaking hand scratches names on the flesh of paper A smoke filled breath frozen in fear The flames now lick, teasing submission Blood shed in ink tossed as... Continue Reading →

I Am the Highway

I wanted to join the ranks of sad music fans who woke up shocked to hear of Chris Cornell's suicide.  I was one of the 90's grunge kids in flannel headbanging to Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden for sure.  Fell On Black Days was probably my favorite song.  I remember in my 20's, blasting Cochise... Continue Reading →

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