Save me?

I have been saved By the blood of Christ the tears of Krishna the body of Ram The fires of Magdalene the words of Ohm the dance of Ganesha The beating heart of Shiva the kiss of Kali the buddha breath I have been saved by love will die for love For the light is... Continue Reading →

Maybe It’s Maybelline…

I thought I was sleeping, but you were there You spoke to me without moving your lips You came inside of me, like an old coat You read me as easily as looking glass I thought myself strong and fierce Yet you found the strings and made me a puppet So I danced to your... Continue Reading →

Enligh-tainment – Disturbed

Disturbed is one of those incredible bands that grew up with me.  When I was a pissed off, angsty teenager, The Sickness made me feel normal.  As I transitioned into becoming an adult, experienced heartache, and what I now know as soul loss, Believe comforted me that my instinct to look at the sky and... Continue Reading →

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