Who wrote your dictionary? Full post

Y'all haven't watched enough Jurassic Park, and it shows. What did we learn? Can man control life? Can man play god? What happens when man plays god? If we make a quick swap between dinos and viruses, I'm feeling like my weird low-key obsession with Michael Crichton and Jeff Goldblum is coming in pretty damn... Continue Reading →

Coping and Covid – Mental Health is just as important as washing hands

Just thinking out thumbs here: -As social distancing and isolation become a preventative measure, depression and anxiety will follow. -As social creatures, we need human interaction for our mental health. Those predisposed to depression tend to seek out isolation to deal with their mental torment. Isolation helps depression distort the mind. -Depression tells you everyone... Continue Reading →

That’s…So…Deep, bruh

What if everything I am is a culmination of the hopes, fears, dreams, wishes, nightmares, success, and failure of everyone who came before me? If I can believe that, then how much my desires, aspirations, hopes, wishes are mine or someone who came before me? How many of my fears, worries, limitations, and so forth... Continue Reading →

Without Heart And Limb

The mother who bore more me now bores me to death,so much so that I am hanging up my boots because I got too big for them and this is as modest as I …Without Heart And Limb

Muse’s Release

Disasterpiece There is no sin and there is no penance. All she wants is to teach you lessons. There's never too long for her to wait, so worry not, it's never too late.  Time exists only if given meaning. The Fate that speaks when you are dreaming, in signs and whispers, sometimes screaming. Open your... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Trauma

The most difficult part of trauma is that most people don't like to use the word trauma. There is a misunderstanding that trauma is "so bad". If you had a bruise, it's skin trauma. All of us have had a bruise, so all of us have had some kind of skin trauma. To others, skin trauma means something "really bad" like someone shaved off your face and wore it. Not all of us have had our faces removed, but we have all had trauma. And we need to talk about it - because trauma can only be healed by being processed


With the best of intentions, we've been chained. Artists grow up and slowly fade - a world full of colors now mostly grey.  Our passion and joy we gladly trade, for money and some accolades. But dollar signs don't validate, and it's still you that you hate. Acceptance seemingly a fairy tale, we decide not... Continue Reading →

No no-s

How much time am I spending on my dreams or my nightmares?   How many times did I say can't When can was just right there?   How many opinions can you opine So much of your business on the state of my mind   I know I'm a cunt-ry of states in divide Where falling is... Continue Reading →

The Sleeping Dragon

Mah Butt Itches

His dragon burned down the world, but here it was his coffin

The rage and pain consumed, like a leper’s bleeding sores

He believes that he is darkness, he wants to suffer for his crimes

Broken down and full of sorrow, the dragon chopped off his own head

He tossed it on the floor, happy to be dead

I wished on every raindrop, that I could turn back time

Somehow, some way my wish was granted

A walking corpse reincarnate in front of my eyes

With perfect harmony, his muse rose like a phoenix

His soul and song became as one, as his music nursed him whole

The sun rose from his shoulders, as stars descended in his eyes

He played his heartbeat, unknowing he burned me alive

I sat in awe, but he never really noticed that he had plucked my heart

The blind would have seen the love I couldn’t hide, but he…

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