The Noodler 7.14.17

Uhh...been awhile again!  Consistency is not my strong suit... I decided I'm getting bored with the old Noodler format, so I'll add a new Noodler format within the Noodler format, because I can. Today's Noodler! Using the daily prompt, pick a song or band that you like, and why you like it, if you want.... Continue Reading →

I Am the Highway

I wanted to join the ranks of sad music fans who woke up shocked to hear of Chris Cornell's suicide.  I was one of the 90's grunge kids in flannel headbanging to Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden for sure.  Fell On Black Days was probably my favorite song.  I remember in my 20's, blasting Cochise... Continue Reading →

Enligh-tainment – Disturbed

Disturbed is one of those incredible bands that grew up with me.  When I was a pissed off, angsty teenager, The Sickness made me feel normal.  As I transitioned into becoming an adult, experienced heartache, and what I now know as soul loss, Believe comforted me that my instinct to look at the sky and... Continue Reading →

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