Lunatic – Pt V

Lunatic Lunatic (Pt II) Lunatic – Pt III Lunatic Part IV The footfalls and giggles of the girls made Luna's heart explode into butterflies.  A smile erupted on her face, as she lay prone, terrified to mar the moments in the slightest.   Eyes closed, she listened to the girls gleefully chattering.  "Where's Mommy?" she... Continue Reading →

Lunatic Part IV

Lunatic Lunatic (Pt II) Lunatic – Pt III She jolted awake, panting and sweating.  Amber/Angeline reached over and rubbed her leg soothingly.  "It's okay," she whispered, "We're almost there." Luna glanced terrified behind her.  Trusting her mind was something long since past, and the thought of not seeing those angels behind her, that this was... Continue Reading →

Lunatic – Pt III

Lunatic (Pt I) Lunatic (Pt II) His angry cadence set the tone for her frantic pace.  As he berated her for her weakness in using again, she pulled her hair, desperate to find focus and next steps.  She tore frantically around the house, whispering to herself, barely able to hear over his growl. "You dumb... Continue Reading →

Lunatic (Pt II)

Lunatic (Pt I) "Miss? Miss?" Luna's eyes ached open.  Immediately, she was blind and panicking.  She started groping around, her clothes missing again. "Where am I?" she croaked. A fuzzy, distant voice mumbled something she did not hear.  Her thoughts were racing too quickly.  She fumbled to her ring finger.  Empty.  He's gone. "" "Annalie... Continue Reading →


As the moon crested, the pull began again.  It always starts out innocuously, but the spiral is never kind.  Lately, heroin was her lover.  As she tied her arm and tapped the vein, she could hear the voices start again.  As a child, Luna did not realize they were voices, she had always believed they... Continue Reading →

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