Tipping Waitresses, Trying Veals

Maybe a foot apart, us

Yet it feels like Antarctica was

On either side that once said love

If Antarctica was spelled good or fine, just

Monosyllabic goose eggs

Cause everything I bring up nags

Can’t find the words, my tongue is blind

Bitten and chewed off so many times

I try to find the smile, worthwhile

Eyeing up rivers, “Done” cries de Crocodile

Bitch, suit up, you are tits up in De Nile

I think about how PG-13 movies

Only get one “fuck” usage

And I guess if I gotta go through this

At least I get to say fuck many times to it

Thank fucking god I must be unrated

Yet here we are clowning and masquerading

You, of course, master of baiting

My life could be like OnlyFans,

But the only XXX I really got is my waistband

See that? A joke cause I feel fat

Oh drat,

I’m a self-deprecating poet

Didn’t know it

But my feet show it

They’re Longfellows!

Is it foot in mouth or head up ass?

Inside just like the jokes I crack

Wondering when I don’t get last

Laugh, maybe one day I’ll get all mine,

Sure, I can’t write when “I’m fine”

But it’s so damn easy for me to rhyme

When my life yet again becomes the fucking punchline

Ba dum ching

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