Daily Prompt – 1945

What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

Great question and one I’ve been thinking about constantly. There are two things and they are of equal importance to me.

The first is


I want to be known as a person who was able to transmute her metaphorical shit into literal gold and helped others do the same. My combined obsessions with “wtf is wrong with me”, psychology, philosophy, and making anything and everything I can into a shit joke or metaphor helps people laugh at their problems, so they can solve them, realize that they have problems and are not, in fact, the problem. I make people laugh, think, and feel better. Be themselves.

All of this, is of course, only possible if I am able to do this for myself, utilizing and honoring all the gifts I have. There’s nothing wrong with me and I have quite an incredible mind, heart, and soul. I have shared it with all, and I have absolutely lived before I died – and helped as many others as I could do the same.

My life’s work will be making my life work, and hopefully, teaching what I’ve learned and making people laugh at things they didn’t expect to laugh at along the way.

The other equally important thing to this mission statement is:

Full Sized Candy Bar House Lady

And everybody at my funeral – this is like written, decreed, I will haunt the ever living fuck out of anyone who defies my order. Everybody gets a full size candy bar as they leave my funeral. Also I wanna be a tree or something. Not in a fucking casket. So I guess that’s another legacy, whatever tree they make me. I’d like it to be an incredibly poorly, inconveniently placed sequoia that is not able to be touched due to some sort of government regulation.

There’s probably like great mom, cool wife, great human whatever but as I do everything I am going to do, that is all implied. Esp. The candy bars. That fucking house is clutch and you all know it.

Dream big, you little shit based Rumpelstiltskin. What about you guys? Tell me what you’re thinking and what you’ve got going on. Can you turn shit into gold? Thank you to everyone who has been tuning in, liking/sharing/following. This experiment of turning my shit into gold is actually far more in your hands than mine, and I am not me if not for you being you. Thanks.

Here’s a TikTok about metaphorical shit and literal gold, if you are interested

Here’s some related content, if you’d like to stick around – it’s nice here. We have full sized candy bars.

When I becomes We, Illness becomes Wellness

How Do you Recover?

Oh, how beautiful pain can be

EVOOh no!

And here is where I am everywhere, come hang out. There’s full sized candy bars there too:

Here, obviously 

My TikTok

My Insta


I bet you can guess my snap, but so help me god if I get an unsolicited Richard Nixon, I’m posting it everywhere with emojis, and I will victimize my friends by making them have to see your emoji-dick. I have a collection!

I’m on Twitter but kind of don’t really see the point anymore

Thanks (or I’m sorry!) for stopping by!

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    1. I definitely don’t want a normal thing for me. Everybody who wants to, get around, eat drink be merry, laugh and tell dumb stories about dumb things I did, and get a candy bar. No crying. lol

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