“Believe in nothing, fall for anything?”

I’ve always had a problem with the idiom “believe in nothing, fall for anything”. My problem was that it seems to fly in the face of open-mindedness. I feel like growth and change happen when beliefs are questioned and changed.

I just realized the better understanding. If you believe in nothing, that means you do not even believe in yourself. Of all that can or should be questioned, believing in yourself, your attributes and abilities, believing in your worth, and so on and so forth. If you believe in none of these things, you will absolutely fall for everything. You’ll look to everyone else to believe in you or make you believe in you. If you don’t believe yourself, you’ll believe whatever anybody else tells you about yourself and let their opinions define you. Is there anything worse to fall for?

If you believe in yourself, no one can talk you out of yourself. Maybe they can give you advice or guidance, but you only accept what aligns with your Self.

It’s like, we live in a world where if you don’t know your worth, people will always get you at a sensational discount, never in your favor.

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