On Jackasses and Wiseasses

A Baby Ruth for the pool of consciousness..

Not to paraphrase a great mind like Blake’s on a blog dedicated to my itchy ass, but(t?): Life is a perpetual journey from jackass to wiseass, if you will

I feel like everything and anything can be achieved most simply by embracing every syllable of that quote.

When I answer any question or problem I have with that quote, it’s so much easier.

When anyone, especially myself, is being a fool, I remember it sometimes and I can remember we’re all actually just fools becoming wiser.

We ARE all actually just fools becoming wiser. This fool is currently being stalked by an ADHD child with a will that makes iron look weak. This is great because his mother is so fucking stubborn, she’ll cut her whole goddamn head off to spite her face.

If we fight, everyone loses, and I’m so fucking tired of being a loser.

Anyhoo, screens are the hill upon which I am not lucky enough to die every damn day. It’s more like I am Sisyphus and all the screens I’ve allowed in our lives, and our brains’ absolute fixation/addiction to them are my boulder.

We’re all just jackasses becoming wiseasses, so as this fool persists in her folly, I’m teaching him to start persisting his. I’m on screens all the damn time too, and I realized if I want to create content, I have to stop spending so much time consuming content. It’s incredible how much more content you can create if you’re not consuming it.

I suggested the same to him. Now he’s trying to figure out all the things.

It’s him being him, and he’s still harassing me for all the things; it’s nice getting harassed because he wants to learn new things not just watch somebody else do the shit he wants to do – just like his mama.

Most importantly, I don’t feel like I’m dying on hills or Sisiphus’ing boulders today.

If anything, I feel like Bill Murray when he stopped being a dick in Groundhog Day. Maybe this whole thing is really just being nice to Ned. Ned Ryerson?

…Except we’re all both Bill Murray and Ned Ryerson, but that’s a Caddyshack reference for another day.

Have an amazing day, and thanks for reading what my itchy ass has to say. See you tomorrow.

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