Daily Prompt – 1939

Are you a leader or a follower?

Much like I think everybody is bi and it’s just a spectrum on how far you lean, leadership and following are the same. Everybody follows somebody. How many CEOs act like the Art of War is their bible? Or Captains of whatever local sports club thank God or their mom, or whatever.

Everybody follows somebody and this is a lovely spot to shamelessly butt-plug the post I just wrote about followers, follower counts, and how there’s people who have enough followers to start religions or turn Brazil into Flavortown – it makes more sense if you read it, so click it. Would Jesus Even be Monetized Today

A leader is simply somebody people feel like following, but he’s following somebody too. He’s just good at getting other people to follow whatever the hell he’s following.

But, me? Personally? I could lead a lot of things a lot of places, but I’m one of those people that best serve in the “that fucking bitch was right” category. I can’t even lead my kids successfully in public or lead myself to the bathroom if I’m squirming with the need to piss but lemme just get this one more thing… I could lead. I’d be a great one. I got things like heart, vision, and occasional wisdom. I probably do lead, although my routes make Frost say “I’ll take that other road, thanks”

But I do believe I’m led. I do believe I’m on some crazy fucked up path that takes me where I always wanted to be. I generally believe I’m the leader and the follower. But deeply, deeply distracted on both ends. If I do have guardian angels, they weep. Like omg is she back to this shit again really? We just… oh for fucks sake now drinking too? I’m pretty sure I’ve converted my guardian angels to pot heads at this point for sure. So, either or, I can do it all, as long as I don’t have to leave my bed too long.

A great leader trusts beyond themselves, but must listen to their people. A great follower trusts their leader and listens to them.

An individual, however, just does whatever the fuck however the fuck they want to. They listen to themselves and will make time if they’d like to hear what you’re saying. I’d rather be that anyway. I don’t like being told what to do.

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